Vintage Mauve Maxi | Noelle x Kristina


This gazebo has become my go-to “oops, I procrastinated and now it’s raining” picture taking spot.But, hey. I do not hate it. It works perfectly with the way I interpreted this lovely, vintage mauve maxi from Kristina. When I initially saw the photos of this dress I fell in love with the ethereal quality that speaks to my Pre-Raphaelite tendencies, but once I had it in hand another style came to mind.


Kristina had already knocked it out of the sartorial park with her boho inspired outfit. The boho look is definitely authentic to the decade that birthed this dress and depending on accessories, I could see it on either an earthy hippie or a glamorous disco queen. It even reminds me of a dress my ever-stylish grandmother wore in the seventies.



But, when you really look into the history of fashion and the different eras it becomes clear that many style associated with the later half of the 20th century, in fact, have their roots in much earlier decades. While we might associate flutter sleeves and flowing skirts with the hippies of the sixties and the dancing queens of the seventies, the look actually made its modern debut in the 1930’s-1940’s world of Hollywood glamour. As easily as this style could have been worn by Donna Summer, the great Bette Davis could have donned it, as well. The similarities exist in the draping and the pleating, the use of the lightweight, flowing fabrics, and the Grecian inspired cuts. I mean, see? The ancient Greeks even did Old Hollywood before Hollywood did.

So, while I was first drawn to the earthy quality of the dress, when it was my turn to take a crack at it, I decided to pay homage to a whole different decade. An intricate, metallic belt, t-strap shoes, flowing hair, and matte lips take this look to the allure and the romance of the silver screen.




Sunburst | Noelle x Kristina


As promised, here is my colorful, retro inspired interpretation of the famous horse print dress! Last time I wore the dress (which you can see here), I brought this crazy print into our century and toned it down with some edgy, black accessories to show how wearable the dress actually was. This time around I’m embracing all it’s nutso, retro vibes and crazy colors because…just look at it’s awesomeness!


Using the dress as a jumper layered over these billowy sheer sleeves harkens back the era the dress was born in. I feel like a secretary on the later seasons of Mad Men that just decided to go hang out in a field for the fun of it. Obviously, a true to era interpretation and a sunburst color palate isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure as heck is mine!

And now I have to say farewell to the most amazing dress ever so Kristina can be reunited with it. I can’t wait to see what it’s next adventure is going to be.


Long Sleeved Dress: Thrifted | Horse Print Dress: Kristina | Shoes: Thrifted | Brooch: Antique Store | Lips: Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Beeper as a base and LA Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in Oh, La, La on top


Casual Oaxacan Dress | Justine x Kristina

The minute I laid eyes on this gorgeous Oaxacan dress of Kristina’s, I knew I wanted to try styling it! The embroidery is so eye-catching and the beautiful colors really pop on the black fabric.


Emily styled this dress for Cinco de Mayo with an adorable pom pom crown, and I decided to keep my look casual while I was in Florida last month. I prefer this dress belted and I’m really pleased with the addition of the jean jacket, too.


Finding a dress like this is now on my thrifting wish list, for sure. Not only is this a pretty dress on its own, it would make a fantastic, beachy swimsuit cover up!



Thanks, Kristina, for letting me borrow this fabulous frock!


HOw they wore it


Collar Necklace | Noelle x Emily



Emily was gracious enough to let me borrow this lovely scalloped collar shaped necklace. I was so excited when I saw it in her closet because it was so full of sweet little details. I not much for accessories, but this is exactly the kind of accessory that I would like to add to my collection. It’s a statement piece that mimics the characteristics of a collared shirt or dress. I was even more pleased when I saw it in person because it is solid. It’s heavy and thick and I imagine it could take a beating. Much like many women I know, it’s beautifully formed with sweet, delicate details and fortified with strength and resilience. Because it takes from both the hard and the soft it’s perfect for adding to any outfit.


I wore it to mimic a collar on my floral sweater as a nod to the collegiate quality of my plaid driendl skirt. I love mixing this skirt up in different outfits because it has a distinct preppy style with its navy color and plaid print. Yet, the primary colored lines offer a chance to play up lots of different styles and colors. The skirt can be librarian chic, 1950’s sweet, or even spunky and ecclectic with a graphic tee and statement belt. I’m going to be putting it up for swap to see what the over lovely ladies can do with it!


Sweater: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s | Skirt: Thrifted: Shoes: Payless | Necklace: Emily’s


Red, White & Blue | Justine x Noelle

Chevron Skirt Shaped by Style

Hi, Justine here! It’s a new month and the Shaped by Style ladies are back to our regular posts. To ease the transition from striped skirts, I’m showing off another type of striped skirt: Noelle’s chevron skirt!

And what a skirt this is. It’s positively perfect with the gorgeous pattern, perfect length and pockets. Lyndsey has already shared two different ways to style it and today I’m showing one more.

Chevron Skirt Shaped by Style 2

These photos are from my trip to Florida back in March. I thought this beautiful chevron skirt would be a wonderful addition to my packing list. I was right! I love the combo of the navy and orangey-red.

Chevron Skirt Shaped by Style 4

The secret to this outfit is that the polka dot “shirt” I’m wearing is actually a dress! But with the addition of the skirt and a belt, this becomes a whole new fun outfit. So when you’re packing for your next trip, consider all the versatility of your clothing to maximize space in your suitcase.

Thanks for letting me borrow your skirt, Noelle!

Chevron Skirt Shaped by Style 3

Outfit details: 

Old Navy Polka Dot Dress
Thrifted Brown belt
Noelle’s Chevron Skirt
Sofft Bernia Sandals

HOw they wore it Lyndsey striped skirt






Simple Stripes | Shaped by Stripes


I’ve been experimenting lately with simplicity because blogging my outfits has bestowed upon me a habit of wanting to make every outfit overly complex. I want my outfits to be a portrait of my personality and that can mean cramming too many things in at one time. I’m practicing how to showcase personality with small touches. I’ve done this skirt with colorful florals and pattern and sparkles, and it has served extremely well as a complement to many things. But, for this look I wanted to accomplish two things; let the skirt take center stage and show how lipstick can be that accessory that adds interest and personality.


Keeping everything sleek, clean, and black let’s the volume of the skirt sashay it’s way to the visual forefront without being overpowering. Stripes, while great for playing a part in the big picture, are graphic enough to be the whole picture all by themselves. That’s what makes a striped skirt (dress, shirt…I’m not picky) so versatile and why it should be a basic piece in everyone’s wardrobe. It’s a workhorse pulling double shifts and racking up that overtime pay.

I chose to add my personality through lipstick because it’s something I know well, and a bright, bold lip adds color and interest to an outfit without actually adding anything extra to the clothing. I played up the red by adding the complementary green with my belt. The red lip and the green belt are small additions on their own, but the relationship between them makes it one larger statement.


Shirt: Target | Skirt: Modcloth | Shoes: Torrid | Belt: Target| Lips: Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Succulent

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Shaped By Stripes

Paint Splatter + Stripes | Shaped by Stripes

Downeast Basics Joie de Vivre Skirt The Thrifty Girl's Guide 5

Happy Monday! Justine here with the next installment of our Shaped by Stripes series! I have been seriously loving seeing how the other girls have styled their skirts. If you haven’t already, check out Kristina’s, Hannah’s, Lyndsey’s and Emily’s posts and stay tuned for Noelle’s this Thursday!

My striped skirt is from one of my favorite stores for modest yet chic clothing: DownEast Basics. I discovered this marvelous store visiting my sister in Arizona last year and immediately made a few purchases after I returned home. The Joie de Vivre skirt I’m wearing today also made an appearance last year.

Downeast Basics Joie de Vivre Skirt The Thrifty Girl's Guide 4

This skirt was one of my most worn last spring and summer for it’s work-appropriate length and versatile navy and white stripes.

Downeast Basics Joie de Vivre Skirt The Thrifty Girl's Guide 6

Like my good pal Lyndsey, I chose my top (Gap via thredUP) because of the splotches of navy that pair perfectly with the skirt!

And my heels are Clarks Sage Cooper pumps (worn as a bridesmaid last May) and for heels, they are quite comfortable. Justttt enough of a heel to add a little height but not so much that I can’t walk :)

Downeast Basics Joie de Vivre Skirt The Thrifty Girl's Guide 3

Outfit details

Gap Abstract Tee: thredUP
Joie de Vivre Skirt: DownEast Basics
Brown Belt: Savers
Clarks Sage Cooper Pumps:

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Thanks for reading!


Pattern Mixing w/ Stripes | Shaped By Stripes


We’re all styling stripes this month on the blog and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Stripes are one of my favorite patterns to wear and mixing patterns together is one of my favorite things to do! I may have went a bit overboard by wearing two different stripe patterns together but can you blame me? The results are pretty fantastic!

green-hair-striped-skirt-outfit-07 green-hair-striped-skirt-outfit-02

I’m slowly accepting the fact that I not only gravitate towards clothing from the ’80s, but I also tend to grab edgy and statement-making pieces.

My style is evolving and I’m getting more and more comfortable with my personal style. Which is a good thing because my hair is drawing more attention to me lately after I dyed it green!

So for this pattern mixing look, I added an edgy piece via this lace moto jacket, and my statement-making piece is this necklace made of flower bits & bobs. I brought colors into the look with my pink lipstick and teal shoes. Because when in doubt, match your shoes to your hair, right?

green-hair-striped-skirt-outfit-06 green-hair-striped-skirt-outfit-01green-hair-striped-skirt-outfit-04

Outfit details: Thrifted top & purse – ASOS skirt – Monroe and Main jacket – Walmart necklace – Outlet store shoes

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Shaped By Stripes

Hannah The Outfit Repeater

Red Cape | Noelle x Emily


The one little tidbit I can tell you about my time with this lovely red cape is, you always feel fabulous when wearing a cape. It’s impossible not to. You’re one part super hero, one part Little Red Riding hood, and one part vintage sewing pattern illustration. That adds up to a whole lot of fierce, romantic chic. Plus, you can throw it on top of anything and look instantly amazing and I’m not sure there is anything else in this world that can get the job done the same way.


I played around with a lot of looks and even attempted to photograph several of them but something always got in the way. Whether it was bad lighting, rain, or a forgotten camera battery, something was always stopping me. Ultimately, I landed on this outfit because it reminded me of work wear featured on the previously mentioned vintage sewing pattern illustrations and it wasn’t a direction I have seen featured with the cape yet. I also found that while Emily and Kristina paired the cape with long silhouettes, I preferred short and sweet on my body as the length of the cape plays of the length of the skirt and gives the illusion that my legs are longer than they really are.

I just might have a more modern and playful look up my sleeve for later because I can’t stop myself with all these gorgeous borrowed items! But, shhhh….don’t give my unmitigated gusto away to everyone else.



RAWR | Justine x Lyndsey

Shaped by Style Leopard Button Down Justine 2

Leopard can be spotted (ha…get it?!) all over my closet, from flats to dresses to heels to cardigans, but I’ve never seen a leopard shirt before that I felt I needed.

But now that Lyndsey let me try this ferocious button down, I definitely have leopard tops added to my wish list!

Shaped by Style Leopard Button Down Justine 3

Shaped by Style Leopard Button Down Justine

Fashionistas say leopard is a neutral (which I wholeheartedly agree with) so I paired my neutral top with the classic Eva Mendes for New York & Company midi skirt.

Shaped by Style Leopard Button Down Justine 5

I am drawn to midi skirts like this one but I tend to need to wear them with heels to pull off the proportions. So I turned to my trusty Crocs (yes, Crocs) Leigh Wedge. Comfy and a boost of height? Yes, please.

Shaped by Style Leopard Button Down Justine 6

SHaped by Style Leopard Top Justine 8

Thanks again, Lyndsey, for letting me style this fabulous top!

Outfit Details

Lane Bryant Leopard Button Down from Lyndsey  //  Eva Mendes for New York & Company Midi Skirt (thredUP)  //  Woven belt (Savers)  //  Crocs Leigh Wedge (gift)

How they wore it

Ribbet collage