Red Cape | Noelle x Emily


The one little tidbit I can tell you about my time with this lovely red cape is, you always feel fabulous when wearing a cape. It’s impossible not to. You’re one part super hero, one part Little Red Riding hood, and one part vintage sewing pattern illustration. That adds up to a whole lot of fierce, romantic chic. Plus, you can throw it on top of anything and look instantly amazing and I’m not sure there is anything else in this world that can get the job done the same way.


I played around with a lot of looks and even attempted to photograph several of them but something always got in the way. Whether it was bad lighting, rain, or a forgotten camera battery, something was always stopping me. Ultimately, I landed on this outfit because it reminded me of work wear featured on the previously mentioned vintage sewing pattern illustrations and it wasn’t a direction I have seen featured with the cape yet. I also found that while Emily and Kristina paired the cape with long silhouettes, I preferred short and sweet on my body as the length of the cape plays of the length of the skirt and gives the illusion that my legs are longer than they really are.

I just might have a more modern and playful look up my sleeve for later because I can’t stop myself with all these gorgeous borrowed items! But, shhhh….don’t give my unmitigated gusto away to everyone else.




8 thoughts on “Red Cape | Noelle x Emily

  1. I love each of the ways you three have styled this cape! It seems like a truly magical piece of clothing. You’re absolutely right–it’s part superhero, part fairy tale, and part throwback. All adds up to something amazing!


  2. Wow, I absolutely LOVE this combo! The colors are so pretty together and you look awesome and fierce. I’ll be honest, this cape was kinda sitting around in my closet for a while before I put it up for swaps, and now I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for it. I’ll never neglect you again, red cape! (Best thrift score ever, by the way.)


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