Meet The Ladies

We are Shaped By Style.



KristinaKristina blogs at Eccentric Owl as a mama with a passion for showing that style can be had at any size. Living on the very green coast of Washington with her husband, son and daughter, she is a housewife, mama, aspiring author, and lover of all things vintage. She rarely passes up the could-be-a-1970’s-soap-opera garments at the thrift store.




Hannah, also known as The Outfit Repeater, is a stay-at-home-daughter, Jesus freak, internet enthusiast, thrifting legend, and reincarnation of an 80’s Valley Girl. What she brings to the group is a unique personal style with a focus on vintage & thrifted finds.



Lyndsey is a sweet Georgia peach thriving on Jesus, drugstore makeup, flower sales, and clearance nail polish. Forever fumbling for the words to describe herself, she blogs at Dressed in Mascara, featuring drugstore beauty reviews, easy nail art tutorials, wearable makeup looks, & curvy personal style.




Emily is a thrift store junkie, bag sale devotee and all-around clothing hustler living in upstate New York but pining for the Pacific Northwest. She blogs about outfits, refashion ideas, thrift finds and style challenges at Bread and Roses Vintage, and sells vintage clothing on Etsy under the same name.




Justine is the hybrid of a cautious penny pincher and a raging shopaholic and she blogs about thrift shopping, DIYs, recipes and much more on The Thrifty Girl’s Guide. Other interests include bargains of any kind, polka dots, country music, Taylor Swift, coffee & giggling and sarcasm.




Noelle, with a quirky and unapologetically girly sense of style, is a chronic over-dresser proving beauty is for everyone. She spends her days hiding in the bathroom to read, cursing at her sewing machine, and hanging out with her three children. She spends her nights blogging over at The Classy Junk about style, the joys of every day life, and what inspires her in this big, old world.