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Sweater Girls | Shaped by StyleSweater Girls | Shaped by StyleEvery summer, I lose my way in the blogging world just a bit. Summer does not inspire me. Today as I shot these photos, smelled the cool pine of the needles beneath my feet, felt the slight chill of the breeze, and reveled in the cloudiness of a typical Washington day, I realized that my element is in Fall. In that perfectly in-between season, when it is neither too hot nor too cold, when one only occasionally requires a coat, but could comfortably wear tights all day. That is my season, as cliche as it is in the blogging world to admit. Sweater Girls | Shaped by Style

This outfit very much feels like fall to me; the plaid of the skirt, the sweet softness of the sweater, the booties. Yet, it is a perfect match for our summers. The skirt is a lightweight cotton, the sweater a comfortable thinness, and the booties are not designed to keep out too much cold. It emulates my favorite time of year, my favorite self in fashion, and my favorite era. It is on my shelf of perfect outfits.

Sweater Girls | Shaped by StyleSweater Girls | Shaped by Style Hannah sent me this skirt for my birthday, and I’ve put it up on our board for all the girls to swap. As I flounder around in the summer, not quite knowing how to put myself together to combat a cool morning and a hot afternoon, this skirt saves me time and time again. I would love to see the other girls style it, and put their own personality into the outfit!

Sweater Girls | Shaped by Style

I’ve been researching more and more into the 40’s and 50’s era clothing, hairstyles, makeup, and etc., and found one interesting tidbit about a movement similar to the pinup girls: the sweater girls. The sweater girls were, as the name suggests, girls akin to pinups who went around wearing tight sweaters to better show off their figures with wasp waists and bullet bras. They were alarming to the elder generation, some of whom suggested “what kind of mothers and wives will they be?”

Actresses such as Lana Turner and Jane Russell were the Hollywood icons of this trend, known for their curves and tight sweaters in the popular films. Sweater Girls | Shaped by StyleSweater Girls | Shaped by Style At one point at the height of the trend in 1968, a young woman named Francine Gottfried, a simple secretary, gained notoriety as “Wall Street’s Sweater Girl.”She took the same route to work every day, and people began to notice her. At first it was young girl gangs, then mobs of men, then their colleagues and co-workers until the word had passed so far around that two weeks later a mob of 10,000 people swarming the streets just to see her walk to work. She thought they were all crazy, but enjoyed her fifteen minutes of fame and left her job as a IBM 1260 keypunch operator to become a go-go dancer.

Finding this pretty vintage sweater while thrifting the other day reminded me of my research, and while I’m not wearing a bullet bra and I certainly don’t have a wasp waist, I think it’s a fun interpretation of that trend. Of the housewives, bobbysoxers, pinups, and sweater girls, I think I could most easily settle into something that is a mix of the first and the last look. While it was most certainly meant to titillate the eye, something that I’m not really trying to do, it’s a safer way to resonate with a trend of the past while still maintaining my personal comfort level where modesty is concerned.

Sweater Girls | Shaped by StyleSweater Girls | Shaped by Style Sweater Girls | Shaped by Style

Sweater, thrifted | skirt, gift from Hannah | heels, thrifted | belt, thrifted | headscarf, vintage | Whovian pin, gift

What vintage trend do you identify with? Who would you have been, in the 50’s? A housewife? A pinup? A bobbysoxer? Or a sweater girl?

I hope you’re all having a beautiful Monday!

Kristina |www.eccentricowl.com




Sunburst | Noelle x Kristina


As promised, here is my colorful, retro inspired interpretation of the famous horse print dress! Last time I wore the dress (which you can see here), I brought this crazy print into our century and toned it down with some edgy, black accessories to show how wearable the dress actually was. This time around I’m embracing all it’s nutso, retro vibes and crazy colors because…just look at it’s awesomeness!


Using the dress as a jumper layered over these billowy sheer sleeves harkens back the era the dress was born in. I feel like a secretary on the later seasons of Mad Men that just decided to go hang out in a field for the fun of it. Obviously, a true to era interpretation and a sunburst color palate isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure as heck is mine!

And now I have to say farewell to the most amazing dress ever so Kristina can be reunited with it. I can’t wait to see what it’s next adventure is going to be.


Long Sleeved Dress: Thrifted | Horse Print Dress: Kristina | Shoes: Thrifted | Brooch: Antique Store | Lips: Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Beeper as a base and LA Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in Oh, La, La on top


Swingin’ Sixties | Kristina x Hannah

Swingin' Sixties | Shaped by StyleSwingin' Sixties | Shaped by Style

Happy Thursday! I hope you all will forgive me for an incredibly short post, but as I write this I am sitting on the couch with a stuffy nose and sore throat, desperately hoping that this will be short lived and I’ll be well enough to go camping this weekend. Thankfully, I snapped these photos wearing Hannah’s darling striped dress a few weeks ago, and they’ve been sitting in my queue waiting to be blogged!

I’ve had this dress from Hannah for a while now (sorry,Hannah!) along with a few other things of hers, and I’ll be honest: I am getting a bit stumped as to how I should style certain things as my own style gets more and more focused on vintage and retro housewife themes. But as soon as I put it on I felt very sixties, and it became a fun little game of black and white patterns with a retro feel.

Swingin' Sixties | Shaped by Style

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I’m really generally not a neutral colors person (I mean, hello, pink hair!) but when it comes to black and white, there’s just something so classic about it that I cannot resist. Nothing I’m wearing in this outfit is vintage, but it all works so well to give off that classic sixties vibe and I really want to secretly integrate this dress into my closet forever. You won’t miss it right Hannah?  Swingin' Sixties | Shaped by Style Swingin' Sixties | Shaped by Style

And how cute is this hedgehog brooch? I’m constantly trawling the jewelry counter at my local thrift stores because they never fail to produce fun and unique brooches — and come to think of it, this may actually be vintage. I’m not great at dating jewelry, though, so I really don’t know. Swingin' Sixties | Shaped by Style

Dress, Hannah’s | Shoes, scarf, and brooch, thrifted

I hope you all have a fantastic memorial day weekend! I am determined to go camping, even if it means that I’ll be sitting with a sinus cold by the fire under a tarp because it’s supposed to rain all weekend. Sounds fun, right? ;)

Kristina |www.eccentricowl.com

Hannah Stripes

Stripes on Stripes | Kristina x Hannah

Stripes on Stripes | Shaped by Style Guys (or, more likely, gals) I’ll be honest with you: the only reason I’m wearing sunglasses in these photos is that I was too lazy to put on makeup. But we can pretend they’re for reasons of fabulosity, right?

Stripes on Stripes | Shaped by Style And more honesty: that picture was an unintentional one. I was falling over.

While we’re on the subject of… honesty… is anyone else really tired of winter, and also winter clothes? I am. I haven’t felt super inspired lately, and Hannah pointed out that we basically all have a case of the winter blahs here and there. Mine just happens to be now. I haven’t really wanted to get dressed all week. Then again, nothing quite fits me right now due to leftover baby weight and the fact that I’m breastfeeding. Stripes on Stripes | Shaped by Style Stripes on Stripes | Shaped by Style

So I’ll just leave you with these pictures of me pretending to be fabulous in Hannah’s striped dress, when in reality I took this outfit off five minutes after photographing it in favor of jeans because I was about to film some lifestyle video of my son in the yard/mud/wet grass.

Stripes on Stripes | Shaped by Style

dress (as a skirt) Hannah’s | shirt, belt, and shoes, thrifted | headscarf, gift from Hannah | earrings, gift/vintage | sunglasses… I don’t remember.

I hope you are all feeling much more inspired in your closets than I am!

I do, however, have a few other things to style from the SBS girls, and that helps a lot. Nothing like a borrowed closet to get your creative sartorial juices flowing again!

how she wore it Kristina |www.eccentricowl.com

Hearts and Tulle | Kristina x Lyndsey

Hearts and Tulle | shapedbystyle.wordpress.comHearts and Tulle | shapedbystyle.wordpress.com

Valentine’s day may be over, but I’m not done with posting romantic outfits yet! I feel like the entire month of February is for wearing all the pretty, fluffy, pink, red, or heart-adjacent things one has in one’s wardrobe, and I intend to take full advantage of this month of love to do so!

Hearts and Tulle | shapedbystyle.wordpress.com

Lyndsey was sweet enough to let me borrow her darling mint heart sweater, and I had to style it with this tulle skirt — which I have been wearing to death. I mean seriously. If you find me dead, chances are I’ll be wearing this skirt. I think this is the fifth or sixth time I’ve worn it in the month that I’ve had it, which, considering the wardrobe of skirts I have, is quite the feat. And since I’ve never been a pastel girl, it’s even more surprising that this skirt would be the most worn item in my wardrobe!

Hearts and Tulle | shapedbystyle.wordpress.com

I have had to start posting things out of order just to break up the outfits I share that feature this skirt. It might be a problem.

Moving on, I hope you all had a great Valentine’s day, whether you’re in a relationship or not! My husband and I went out for Mexican food and then… went home. We are basically old people by now; we love having a good dinner and then coming home to read or watch TV or play with the kids. Or all of the above. ;)

Hearts and Tulle | shapedbystyle.wordpress.com

I am excited to see how the other SBS girls might style this skirt — Hannah has requested it, and I can’t wait to see her spin on things!

Hearts and Tulle | shapedbystyle.wordpress.comHearts and Tulle | shapedbystyle.wordpress.com Hearts and Tulle | shapedbystyle.wordpress.com

Thank you, Lyndsey, for letting me borrow your sweater! It is the sweetest thing, just like you!

Happy day-after-Valentine’s-day!

PicMonkey CollageKristina |www.eccentricowl.com

Retro Nerdy | Kristina x Hannah

Retro Nerdy | www.eccentricowl.comRetro Nerdy | www.eccentricowl.com

On my and my husband’s first date, he told me that he had, in all seriousness, said to his brother he would never date another girl unless she loved Lord of the Rings. His brother’s response was “Ha! Yeah, right, good luck with that!” because none of the girls they know really like anything nerdy. But me? Well, I own Arwen’s necklace and several editions of the books (I collect all the different covers). And let’s just say Aragorn is basically the second person on my list that I’d ever leave my husband for* (the first one being Mr. Rochester). He’s lucky that neither of these people are real.

In a way, you could say that it was Lord of the Rings that brought us together. It was one of the first things we discussed in our Facebook messages before we dated – before I knew he liked me, because I am completely clueless sometimes – and it is one of the things that continues to be a recurring thing in our relationship. We are most recently working on a project related to the books that I’m not sure I can reveal yet, but that I am extremely excited for!

*I mean, not really, but… well…

Retro Nerdy | www.eccentricowl.com

So when I went to style this shirt that glows in the dark you guys what with this pretty teal skirt from Hannah, it was all I could do not to wear every single Lord of the Rings clothing or accessory item I had. Instead, I chose to just add in the One Ring that Hilary got for me, even though I sorely wanted to find a way to include my leaf hobbit brooch and Arwen’s necklace and maybe also carry a few copies of my LOTR collection while being wrapped up in the Map of Middle Earth blanket we have.

… but uh… less is more, as they say.

Retro Nerdy | www.eccentricowl.comRetro Nerdy | www.eccentricowl.com

I realized after I styled this skirt that I have a really similar one – nearly the same color, only longer and with big fat belt loops. So I think once I send Hannah’s skirt back to her, I may just have to style my own teal skirt a few more ways!

Retro Nerdy | www.eccentricowl.com  Retro Nerdy | www.eccentricowl.comRetro Nerdy | www.eccentricowl.com

Thanks for letting me borrow your awesome skirt, Hannah!

Happy Monday!PicMonkey Collagewww.eccentricowl.com

Star Wars and Capes | Kristina x Emily

Star Wars and Capes | Shaped By StyleStar Wars and Capes | Shaped By Style

I know I just wore this cape for Shaped by Style, but… #sorrynotsorry, you guys. Because I couldn’t resist wearing it to debut my Star Wars skirt. It is the perfect accessory! I made this skirt to go see The Force Awakens on Friday (no spoilers, just… it was so good!), and was literally down to the last second in finishing it up. I’m kind of a last-minute person when it comes to making things. Gifts, clothes for myself, etc; I had this fabric for at least a month before we even bought tickets for the movie, but I finished the last seam 40 minutes before we had to leave. Not even kidding.

And uh… I’m only just today starting on making Christmas gifts for people.

Yeah. It’s a problem.

Star Wars and Capes | Shaped By Style Star Wars and Capes | Shaped By StyleStar Wars and Capes | Shaped By Style

I made this skirt to wear with the petticoats that I own — which are massive and too short for my normal knee-length skirts — but that wasn’t the original plan. I don’t use patterns, so, being the frugal person that I am, I tentatively told the woman at Joann’s to give me 2-1/2 yards of this fabric and I hoped it would be enough to make a circle skirt as I’ve made before. But when I got home, I was about 1/2 a yard short of how much I needed for the length I wanted. So instead of a knee-length skirt, I decided to model this one after the skirt I wear with my petticoats (it used to be the only one I had that worked with those!) and here we are!

Star Wars and Capes | Shaped By StyleStar Wars and Capes | Shaped By Style

I am really happy with how it turned out! It’s a wrap skirt right now, and I might leave it that way — I didn’t want to bother with figuring out the very last seam that connects to the skirt together (in order to not have to do an elastic waistband, I have to make a slit in the side that doesn’t close, so the fabric has to overlap to hide the opening, which means I have to angle my seams and… I don’t exactly know how to explain it all, so…) and it’s a big enough of an overlap that I don’t have to worry about the flap flying away in the wind and exposing everything underneath.

Star Wars and Capes | Shaped By Style

Skirt, self-made | cape, Emily’s | shoes and shirt, thrifted | earrings, Rocksbox | tights, Target

I was so happy with how this turned out that I finished my Christmas skirt early! And by early, I mean I finished it on Saturday. So, you know, six days before Christmas. So, so early. ;)

I hope you’re all having a great holiday season!

how-they-worePicMonkey Collagewww.eccentricowl.com

Vintage hats and retro capes | Kristina x Emily

Vintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by StyleVintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by Style

Today I discovered that vintage hats make me self-conscious.

Well, any type of hat makes me self-conscious, actually. I don’t wear hats a lot (or ever), and while I desperately want to work vintage hats into my head-wardrobe every day (like this one, or this one, or THIS ONE) there are a few things that stop me. One, most vintage hats I find thrifting or antiquing are black or dark brown, which means you can’t really see them on my head. Two, nobody around here wears hats, except for sports fans with baseball caps, or hipsters with knitted beanies. Three, I haven’t quite figured out how I like to style my hair with them. And four… it’s hard to find the right shape for my face.

I thrifted a vintage cloche the other day, but it really, really does not suit my face at all. I tend to prefer the hats that have a wide brim, or are more headband-shaped, and those are generally the hardest to find — probably because they tend to be the most wearable.

Vintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by StyleVintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by Style

But I have a few vintage hats in my possession, and I think I’ll try harder to style them because why own cool hats if you never wear them? Pinning my hair up into a fake bob for this hat made me really, really want to cut my hair. I had a bob a few years ago when I was growing my hair out from a pixie cut, and I’m right at that stage where I don’t know if I want to keep it shorter, or let it grow to my waist again. Because I love long hair, but always end up wearing it in a messy  bun every day… and I like short hair, but always miss the length when it’s short.

Vintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by StyleVintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by StyleVintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by Style

Cape, Emily‘s | dress, shoes, hat, brooch, and belt, thrifted | tights, Target

I hope you are all having a wonderful December so far! If you hadn’t seen it yet, all of us Shaped by Style gals are collaborating here on this blog to do Dressember. You can view our campaign page here, and learn more about it here. It’s a really great organization and cause, I think; having done Dressember on my own blog for two years in a row, I couldn’t decide this year whether I wanted to do it yet again. Ultimately I decided not to on my personal blog because I’ve done two years in a row AND worn dresses for most of my last pregnancy, so I’m ready to give separates a go! But I’m so glad we’re able to collaboratively participate on Shaped by Style! It gives me a way to still be involved in a great cause while also being able to exercise my own freedoms in the little way that is what I wear.

And Emily, I think another great cause would be if you let me keep this cape forever because it is amazing and I want it. ;) So, you know.

Happy Thursday!

Vintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by StyleVintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by Stylewww.eccentricowl.com


Plaid and bows | Kristina x Hannah

Plaid and bows | Kristina x Hannah

Happy Thanksgiving!

We didn’t really plan for holiday posting, so I’ve hopped in with an outfit as usual, styling this adorable plaid dress of Hannah’s. I am excited to be the first to wear it in our group! I can’t resist anything plaid and vintage, so when she put it up for swap I knew I was going to try it. It’s an interesting construction, though, having only one pocket, which makes me think perhaps it was originally made to be a house dress.

Plaid and bows | Kristina x Hannah   Plaid and bows | Kristina x Hannah

I love that it has a bunch of different colors in it; more and more lately, I’ve been getting matchy-matchy with my colors, trying to keep things all in the same color family instead of color-clashing, and I love the way it looks! It adds just a little more retro flair to my already retro style.

Plaid and bows | Kristina x Hannah Plaid and bows | Kristina x Hannah

I hope you all have great plans today! My husband and I are able to visit both sides of our family, as everyone lives no further than 15 minutes away from each other. It’s so wonderful to spend time with everyone, and for us it’s great becuase it means we get two Thanksgiving meals! Which, you know, I am 100% okay with. The more turkey and pumpkin pie, the better. These meals will make three total Thanksgiving meals that I’ve eaten this year, given that our friend hosted a Friendsgiving last weekend.

And no, I am not tired of it. Never enough pumpkin pie.

Plaid and bows | Kristina x Hannah

Dress, Hannah’s | shoes, brooch, belt, and headscarf, thrifted

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and Happy Thanksgiving if you live in the states!


Three easy costumes you can create from your closet

Have you ever been invited to a last-minute costume party, or simply wanted to wear something that was a bit more subtle than your average costume? Character-inspired, but not full-out cartoon, so to speak? Well then, this post is for you! I have always loved dressing up in costume, from the time I was little. And as I grew older, it turned into creating outfits that don’t necessarily scream “costume!” while still referencing some of my favorite things. So today I thought I would share three different outfits that are easily created from your closet (or thrifted on the fly) that can be worn in everyday life and translate as a costume for that last-minute party that someone forgot to tell you about. ;) Enjoy!


One: Retro/Femme Doctor Who (Tenth Doctor)

I’ll be the first to admit this isn’t perfect, but perfection is not really the goal here. Throw on a pair of suspenders, a bow-tie, and some good lace-up oxfords and you can easily transform yourself from everyday to Doctor just like that! I chose a brown circle skirt and yellow tights to follow the tenth Doctor’s overall color scheme, and then threw on a gray tee because… to be honest, that’s all I have. Add some cool voluminous hair, and voila! Pinup Doctor Who. Of sorts.

3 4 Doctor Who

Skirt and shoes, thrifted | bow-tie and suspenders, husband’s | tights, Target | glasses, c/o Firmoo


Two: Wednesday Addams

This one is probably the easiest to recreate: a black shift dress, a lacy collar, and a general sullen attitude will get you pretty far in mimicking Wednesday Addams. Plus, the hair is easy, and you can wear really comfortable shoes. I didn’t have Mary Janes, but my black oxford pumps worked in a pinch!

7 8

Dress and shoes, thrifted | tights, Target


Three: Minnie Mouse

The moment I bought this skirt and showed it to my husband, he remarked “what are you, Minnie Mouse?” and it was then that I knew I’d be this famous mouse for a Halloween costume idea. And since all you need is a black shirt and a red bow to efficiently complete a Minnie Mouse costume, I was set to go! Two mini-buns mimic mouse-ears and keep it from going too far into costume territory. I would 100% wear this outfit in everyday life!

While pulling items from my closet and referencing a few Minnie pictures, I realized that the older versions of Minnie wear yellow shoes – am I just blind, or did anyone else not know that? And I’ll let you in on a secret: my bow is actually a handkerchief.

11 Minnie Mouse

Shirt, bow, and skirt, thrifted | shoes, Modcloth | glasses, c/o Firmoo

So what about you? I hope this post has helped you look at your closet differently, and given you a few quick ideas for when you need a costume in a pinch!

Happy Thursday!

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