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Leopard and Stripes | shapedbystyle.wordpress.comLeopard and Stripes | shapedbystyle.wordpress.com

Happy April! This month, all of us Shaped by Style gals are going to share our own take on an accordion pleat black (or navy) and white striped skirt. Now, we’re not swapping these skirts, we just all happen to have one – well, okay, maybe a few of us hurriedly thrifted one after this idea was born – and we are excited to start this series in April titled “Shaped by Stripes.”

While we are already going along the theme of swapping the same garment amongst ourselves to share how we can style it, this is the first time we will all have the exact same garment to style! I like to think of this series as our own version of the Little Black Dress, except instead, it’s the Little Striped Skirt.

Leopard and Stripes | shapedbystyle.wordpress.com

For myself, I definitely love color and pattern mixing, and if I had a floral shirt I would have paired floral with these stripes. But, I think leopard print shoes and a polka dot headband make up for the lack of flowers pretty well. This headscarf was actually a little gift from Hannah!

And, since I love color, I had to add something bright. This almost neon yellow shirt is always my go-to when I want something super saturated.

Leopard and Stripes | shapedbystyle.wordpress.comLeopard and Stripes | shapedbystyle.wordpress.com

Accordion pleat skirts can sometimes be a bit scary, I think; they like to hug your curves, which can be good and bad, depending on the day. This particular skirt was actually once a dress – a really ugly one — that I snagged at the thrift store for a dollar simply because I thought it was outrageous. I’m glad I did, too! After hacking off the top entirely, it made a really great skirt and basically birthed this whole series!

Leopard and Stripes | shapedbystyle.wordpress.com Leopard and Stripes | shapedbystyle.wordpress.comLeopard and Stripes | shapedbystyle.wordpress.com

If you want to join us this month and wear your OWN striped skirt (or dress; hey, we don’t mind some variation!) please comment with your post link, tag our Facebook Page, Twitter, or Instagram (all @Shapedbystyle) or use the hashtag #shapedbystripes to show us what you wore! We want to round up all the gorgeous ladies who join us to share their own striped garments and showcase your beautiful selves at the end of the month in a round up post! And if you write a blog post, be sure to copy+paste this banner into your post!Shaped By Stripes

Until then, I hope you have a beautiful Monday.

Kristina |www.eccentricowl.com


7 thoughts on “Leopard and Stripes | Shaped by Stripes

  1. Yellow, black, and white is never not wonderful! Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she designed those chic little bumble bees. And their butts make good honey.


  2. I love the pop of yellow with the stripes! It’s like a chic lovely bumblebee ;D. So CUTE! Honestly I could never get pleats to work on me, hence me donating all my pleated things! I had a blush, pleated polkadot skirt that I loved to look at but looked awful in. Some things just don’t work on others, while I think the pleats suite you well! <3


  3. This is really happening and it’s so exciting! You know I’m all over this colorful/pattern mixing you put together. I could easily see myself wearing this look because a) yellow is my favorite color and b) I used to collect ladybugs as a kid! (Real and fake ones – I wasn’t choosy)

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater


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