Vintage Mauve Maxi | Noelle x Kristina


This gazebo has become my go-to “oops, I procrastinated and now it’s raining” picture taking spot.But, hey. I do not hate it. It works perfectly with the way I interpreted this lovely, vintage mauve maxi from Kristina. When I initially saw the photos of this dress I fell in love with the ethereal quality that speaks to my Pre-Raphaelite tendencies, but once I had it in hand another style came to mind.


Kristina had already knocked it out of the sartorial park with her boho inspired outfit. The boho look is definitely authentic to the decade that birthed this dress and depending on accessories, I could see it on either an earthy hippie or a glamorous disco queen. It even reminds me of a dress my ever-stylish grandmother wore in the seventies.



But, when you really look into the history of fashion and the different eras it becomes clear that many style associated with the later half of the 20th century, in fact, have their roots in much earlier decades. While we might associate flutter sleeves and flowing skirts with the hippies of the sixties and the dancing queens of the seventies, the look actually made its modern debut in the 1930’s-1940’s world of Hollywood glamour. As easily as this style could have been worn by Donna Summer, the great Bette Davis could have donned it, as well. The similarities exist in the draping and the pleating, the use of the lightweight, flowing fabrics, and the Grecian inspired cuts. I mean, see? The ancient Greeks even did Old Hollywood before Hollywood did.

So, while I was first drawn to the earthy quality of the dress, when it was my turn to take a crack at it, I decided to pay homage to a whole different decade. An intricate, metallic belt, t-strap shoes, flowing hair, and matte lips take this look to the allure and the romance of the silver screen.




Cargo Vest and Maxi Dress

The first time I styled this dress I played up it’s ultra glam nature. For the second go round I wanted to tone down the glam so I layered the dress with a cargo vest. It was a simple swap. I simply traded out the statement necklace, pulled my hair up and layered on the vest. This is one of the reasons why I believe a casual cargo vest is a wardrobe staple- it instantly dresses down any outfit! And the pockets are handy!

plus size casual maxi dress
Stitch Fix olive cargo vest

Rebecca Signature
How they wore it
mauve maxi dress from the '70s
maternity maxi dress and flowers in hair

Vintage Maxi Dress, Arms Bands & Rock Studs | Rebecca x Kristina

Today I am styling Kristina’s beautiful vintage maxi dress! I headed with my friend’s and family to a vintage trailer rally and flea market so I figured I had to dress the part, right? This dress is from the 1970’s: 100% polyester with big chiffon sleeves and a mauve tone. If that’s not 1970s glam I don’t know what is! To heighten the 1970s effect I cut in large fringe bangs.

maxi dress from the '70s
glam vintage maxi dress

I have fallen in love with this dress because it is so easy to wear and unique. I’ve created two more ways to style this dress (casual & business casual) and I’ll share them with you in subsequent Shaped by Style posts.

To continue my theme of vintage ’70s glam I added gold arm bands, a vintage brooch at the waist and my favorite rock stud sandals.

Sam Edelman rockstud sandals

delicate arm bands

Hopefully Kristina won’t mind, but this outfit felt so “me” that I have worn the dress a few additional times, once to Costco.  I got some weird looks, but who cares?! It’s a beautiful vintage maxi dress and is a joy to wear!

190's boho glam maxi dress

How they wore it

maternity maxi dress and flowers in hair

Pattern mixing polka dots | Kristina x Hannah

Pattern mixing polka dots | Kristina x HannahPattern mixing polka dots | Kristina x Hannah

It might become very clear over the next few swap posts that I have a thing for pattern mixing, and polka dots. I didn’t realize until I’d gotten this dress, a maternity dress Emily sent (that, sadly, didn’t fit), and Skye’s dress that everything I’d requested so far was polka dotted.

But, can you blame me? This dress is so airy and light and perfect for a pregnant woman in the warmer weather we’ve been having, and… well, you know. Polka dots. Irresistible.

Pattern mixing polka dots | Kristina x Hannah

I tried very hard to mix up my posing in this dress, but when I wear swapped items I get really paranoid that I’ll ruin it somehow (this time, that I’d get moss/dirt/mold on it, or rip it, none of which happened) and it’s much harder than it looks to run to a pile of logs and place one’s self gracefully before the ten-second timer runs out… while pregnant. The above photo was the only semi-good one of about ten I attempted before I gave up. And the above photo reaction was from slipping while trying to sit and also realizing my skirt had flipped pretty far up and very quickly trying to push it back down.

Sometimes, the awkward laughing poses are the ones I like best anyway, though.

Pattern mixing polka dots | Kristina x Hannah   Pattern mixing polka dots | Kristina x Hannah

One of the hardest things about this swap group so far has been having to send the items back to people (or out to other gals in the group) because I just want to keep them all in my closet forever. But my closet overflows and um… it’s probably a good thing I have to send all of these items away. I absolutely love having an online closet to choose from, and even more the friendships struck up by creating this group! It’s amazing how something as simple as having a blog can create so many opportunities for friendships, jobs, artistic expression, support, and who knows what else.

Pattern mixing polka dots | Kristina x Hannah

Dress, Hannah’s | cardigan and sandals, Target (old)

I also, of course, really love seeing other people style things in ways that I wouldn’t have thought — it gives me lots of ideas for styling my own closet once I get things back!

Kristina Signature


I hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Day! My husband and son and I are off to a picnic, then possibly some Goodwill-ing (hello, holiday sales!), and then dinner with friends.

Happy Monday!