Pattern mixing polka dots | Kristina x Hannah

Pattern mixing polka dots | Kristina x HannahPattern mixing polka dots | Kristina x Hannah

It might become very clear over the next few swap posts that I have a thing for pattern mixing, and polka dots. I didn’t realize until I’d gotten this dress, a maternity dress Emily sent (that, sadly, didn’t fit), and Skye’s dress that everything I’d requested so far was polka dotted.

But, can you blame me? This dress is so airy and light and perfect for a pregnant woman in the warmer weather we’ve been having, and… well, you know. Polka dots. Irresistible.

Pattern mixing polka dots | Kristina x Hannah

I tried very hard to mix up my posing in this dress, but when I wear swapped items I get really paranoid that I’ll ruin it somehow (this time, that I’d get moss/dirt/mold on it, or rip it, none of which happened) and it’s much harder than it looks to run to a pile of logs and place one’s self gracefully before the ten-second timer runs out… while pregnant. The above photo was the only semi-good one of about ten I attempted before I gave up. And the above photo reaction was from slipping while trying to sit and also realizing my skirt had flipped pretty far up and very quickly trying to push it back down.

Sometimes, the awkward laughing poses are the ones I like best anyway, though.

Pattern mixing polka dots | Kristina x Hannah   Pattern mixing polka dots | Kristina x Hannah

One of the hardest things about this swap group so far has been having to send the items back to people (or out to other gals in the group) because I just want to keep them all in my closet forever. But my closet overflows and um… it’s probably a good thing I have to send all of these items away. I absolutely love having an online closet to choose from, and even more the friendships struck up by creating this group! It’s amazing how something as simple as having a blog can create so many opportunities for friendships, jobs, artistic expression, support, and who knows what else.

Pattern mixing polka dots | Kristina x Hannah

Dress, Hannah’s | cardigan and sandals, Target (old)

I also, of course, really love seeing other people style things in ways that I wouldn’t have thought — it gives me lots of ideas for styling my own closet once I get things back!

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I hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Day! My husband and son and I are off to a picnic, then possibly some Goodwill-ing (hello, holiday sales!), and then dinner with friends.

Happy Monday!



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  1. This makes a perfect maternity dress! I love the way the polka dots curve over the belly area :) I know what you mean about wanting to keep swap clothes — I just wore a dress from Skye that I am 100 percent IN LOVE with, and I can’t wait to share the photos here. This one looks so pretty on you — I think I am going to add it to my swap list!


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