Cinco de Mayo: Oaxacan Dress + Pompon Crown | Emily x Kristina

Like they used to say on the A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together.”


I had been eyeing this beautiful Oaxacan-style embroidered dress of Kristina’s since she first posted it ages ago. And when it came my way to be styled, I didn’t know at first what I wanted to do with it.


But then quite suddenly I figured it out. And I was so driven to create this vision that I got out some old yarn scraps and sat down and made a pompon crown because it just felt like that was what needed to happen. And even though making those stupid pompons was, seriously, the most boring craft I have ever done, it was worth it. Because my plan came together.


This look is a real mish-mash of ideas and inspirations. I’m sure the pompon crown I saw on Mariah a while back was on my mind. I thought about how Kristina styled the dress originally, and how I styled it for her when we did our style swap. And when I put it all together, I felt a little bit like Tasha and a little bit like Frida (Kahlo, that is).




I bought these little apple earrings last summer and just found them the other day — I must have tucked them into my purse when I was going around to yard sales, and set aside that purse for the whole fall and winter! (Please tell me this happens to other people …) I don’t wear dangly earrings often, but the shape and size of these are perfect for me, especially with my hair up.



Thanks, Kristina, for sharing this stupendous dress! You can see how much fun I had wearing it. I styled a second look with it, too, that I’ll show you another time. Until then —






Cherry Print Dress with Stripes and 90s Nostalgia | Emily x Kristina

One of my favorite pastimes when I was in junior high was speculating and imagining what I would be like when I grew older. I used to write letters to my older self on my birthday (to be opened a year later), filled with questions and suppositions (confession, I totally stole that idea from a book but I can’t remember which one).

Cherry print dress | Shaped by Style

I also used to draw pictures of how I imagined I would look one, two, five, 10 years into the future. My hair was always longer (and awesome-looking), I always had a better figure and, of course, I had a killer wardrobe.

Cherry print dress | Shaped by Style

Something about this look got me thinking about how my teenage self — who totally would have rocked this outfit, by the way, substituting Doc Martens for these booties — would view my style today. Goodness knows a lot has changed; I’ve got a much better sense of the silhouettes that I prefer, and I’ve learned to differentiate between clothes that I like on the hanger, and clothes that I like on my body. (That one is still a struggle sometimes!)

Cherry print dress | Shaped by Style

But I also think in some ways, I’ve become more conservative. I can see my 16-year-old self, with her ripped fishnets, turquoise hair, sparkly purple lipstick and 70s platform shoes sneering at my polo shirts, khakis and white loafers. But I think she would approve of this outfit — the mix of prints, the moody palette and the mix of feminine and edgy.

Cherry print dress | Shaped by Style

I often have to remind myself that taking a fashion “risk” is really very little of a risk at all. Sure, you might get some odd looks or people might raise an eyebrow — but, so what? If I could handle that when I was 16 (and, you better believe there were plenty of raised eyebrows), I surely should be able to handle it as a grown woman!

Cherry print dress | Shaped by Style

How they wore it

Cherry print dress collage

Thanks, Kristina, for letting me borrow this adorable cherry-print dress and get all nostalgic!

Emily | Bread and Roses Vintage

Maternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x Hannah

Maternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x HannahMaternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x Hannah Yesterday on my blog I talked a little bit about how I’ve realized that part of style, to me, is evoking a story with my outfit. For a while I had gotten stuck in the land of retro-with-a-modern-twist just to look a little more “normal” out in the real world. I quit letting my outfits take on roles as much, and I think part of me didn’t want to draw attention because I have been struggling with little things about body image lately. I got incredibly uninspired to get dressed for a while. (Plus, we moved and I’m 36 weeks pregnant, two other things that haven’t helped.)

But then I realized that just because I want to stay true to my real life does not mean my style can’t take on characters. I’m very much a real-life blogger (and I have nothing against staging or better-than-life blogs, that’s just not me!), and I think I started to falsely believe that being more or less “in character” for an outfit wasn’t true to life.

Maternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x Hannah But I am a storyteller, and that plays a big part in my style. Realizing that it’s okay and true to ME to tell a story with what I’m wearing and play a part, so to speak, has revitalized my inspiration and made it more fun again to get dressed in the morning.

Other than the fact that I really miss having a waist, that is.Maternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x HannahMaternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x Hannah

Today I felt very 1960’s artist while styling Hannah’s lacy cardigan. The piece itself is not very retro, but as I’ve noted before I love a good challenge, and making it look natural with my aesthetic was really fun. And actually much easier than I had expected!

Lyndsey noted that this cardigan is such a great summer layering piece, and I agree with her! It’s great for those days when you’re pining away for fall layers and cooler weather, because it’s so airy it doesn’t add much warmth and you can layer to your heart’s content! Maternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x Hannah Maternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x Hannah And I feel like there’s really no going wrong with this skirt. I’ve only worn it once before, because it’s a wrap skirt and closes at the back and my belly means I have to pin that closed right now, but it’s just so happy and 70’s and I cannot resist it.So here’s hoping the safety pins stay in all day, or I’m in trouble. I really should just add buttons!

Maternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x Hannah

Skirt and headscarf, vintage/thrifted | top, Target maternity | shoes, Modcloth | necklace, vintage/gift | glasses c/o Firmoo

I am so excited to feel back in the “getting dressed” game. Okaying outfit stories with myself has really opened my eyes back up to all of the fun opportunities just waiting for me in my closet!

Do you like to evoke a certain story when you get dressed?

Happy Thursday!

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Floral kimono + sequined tank | Emily x Hannah

One of the things I love best about this group is the opportunity to try out a trending style or look without making the commitment to add something to my wardrobe. Kristina did this recently with the hi-lo skirt she swapped with Lyndsey, and today I’m doing it with Hannah‘s floral kimono.

Shaped by Style floral kimono 1

But I’ll be honest — once I got the kimono from Hannah, I realized I had no idea how to style it. So I rolled up my sleeves, pulled everything out of my closet (not literally, but almost) and got to work.

Shaped by Style | Floral kimono

On my blog, I focus on how to style unusual pieces in work-appropriate ways. Whether it’s something casual or dressy, vintage or contemporary, or just plain funky, I like the challenge of working unexpected pieces into my professional wardrobe. So that’s the approach I took here, too. But when I thought about styling this kimono, the only things that came to mind were flower crowns and cut-off shorts — neither of which seemed work-appropriate, even for my boundary-pushing self.

Shaped by Style | Floral kimono 3

Shaped by Style | Floral kimono 4

I wound up pairing the kimono with another piece I have been wanting to style: a vintage sequined black tank top borrowed from my Etsy shop. I tend to put together outfits like this: shooting for “glamorous” but winding up dangerously close to Mike Myers’ “Coffee Talk” character from Saturday Night Live. But as I have been saying, I am a magpie, so bring on the glitz. I didn’t even realize until after I put this post together that Hannah had styled it in a similar way, as you’ll see at the end of this post.

Shaped by Style | Floral kimono top 5

After struggling to find something that worked with the warm tones of the kimono’s floral print, I settled on a pair of peach jeggings, which have turned out to be a surprising wardrobe staple. Seriously, when my friend brought them back to me as part of an epic bag-sale haul (this is true friendship, people: someone who goes to rummage sales on your behalf), I wasn’t sure if I would ever wear them at all. But then seem to go with everything, and have become one of my go-tos.

Shaped by Style | Floral kimono top 6

As challenging as it was to put together, I was happy with this look, and developed a newfound respect for the kimono. I always reach for SOMETHING to put over a top, and this is a nice in-between for when a sweater feels too frumpy and a jacket seems too stiff. I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for a good kimono on future thrift outings.

Shaped by Style | Sequined tank 5

Thanks to Hannah for sharing this cute top with me! I’m excited to see how my fellow swappers might style it in the future.Emily Signature


Kimono – Hannah’s | Tank top – vintage | Jeggings – Uniqlo (thrifted) | Booties – thrifted | Necklace – vintage

How they wore it

Shaped by Style | Floral kimono top Hannah

Vintage Maxi Dress, Arms Bands & Rock Studs | Rebecca x Kristina

Today I am styling Kristina’s beautiful vintage maxi dress! I headed with my friend’s and family to a vintage trailer rally and flea market so I figured I had to dress the part, right? This dress is from the 1970’s: 100% polyester with big chiffon sleeves and a mauve tone. If that’s not 1970s glam I don’t know what is! To heighten the 1970s effect I cut in large fringe bangs.

maxi dress from the '70s
glam vintage maxi dress

I have fallen in love with this dress because it is so easy to wear and unique. I’ve created two more ways to style this dress (casual & business casual) and I’ll share them with you in subsequent Shaped by Style posts.

To continue my theme of vintage ’70s glam I added gold arm bands, a vintage brooch at the waist and my favorite rock stud sandals.

Sam Edelman rockstud sandals

delicate arm bands

Hopefully Kristina won’t mind, but this outfit felt so “me” that I have worn the dress a few additional times, once to Costco.  I got some weird looks, but who cares?! It’s a beautiful vintage maxi dress and is a joy to wear!

190's boho glam maxi dress

How they wore it

maternity maxi dress and flowers in hair