Maternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x Hannah

Maternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x HannahMaternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x Hannah Yesterday on my blog I talked a little bit about how I’ve realized that part of style, to me, is evoking a story with my outfit. For a while I had gotten stuck in the land of retro-with-a-modern-twist just to look a little more “normal” out in the real world. I quit letting my outfits take on roles as much, and I think part of me didn’t want to draw attention because I have been struggling with little things about body image lately. I got incredibly uninspired to get dressed for a while. (Plus, we moved and I’m 36 weeks pregnant, two other things that haven’t helped.)

But then I realized that just because I want to stay true to my real life does not mean my style can’t take on characters. I’m very much a real-life blogger (and I have nothing against staging or better-than-life blogs, that’s just not me!), and I think I started to falsely believe that being more or less “in character” for an outfit wasn’t true to life.

Maternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x Hannah But I am a storyteller, and that plays a big part in my style. Realizing that it’s okay and true to ME to tell a story with what I’m wearing and play a part, so to speak, has revitalized my inspiration and made it more fun again to get dressed in the morning.

Other than the fact that I really miss having a waist, that is.Maternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x HannahMaternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x Hannah

Today I felt very 1960’s artist while styling Hannah’s lacy cardigan. The piece itself is not very retro, but as I’ve noted before I love a good challenge, and making it look natural with my aesthetic was really fun. And actually much easier than I had expected!

Lyndsey noted that this cardigan is such a great summer layering piece, and I agree with her! It’s great for those days when you’re pining away for fall layers and cooler weather, because it’s so airy it doesn’t add much warmth and you can layer to your heart’s content! Maternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x Hannah Maternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x Hannah And I feel like there’s really no going wrong with this skirt. I’ve only worn it once before, because it’s a wrap skirt and closes at the back and my belly means I have to pin that closed right now, but it’s just so happy and 70’s and I cannot resist it.So here’s hoping the safety pins stay in all day, or I’m in trouble. I really should just add buttons!

Maternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x Hannah

Skirt and headscarf, vintage/thrifted | top, Target maternity | shoes, Modcloth | necklace, vintage/gift | glasses c/o Firmoo

I am so excited to feel back in the “getting dressed” game. Okaying outfit stories with myself has really opened my eyes back up to all of the fun opportunities just waiting for me in my closet!

Do you like to evoke a certain story when you get dressed?

Happy Thursday!

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6 thoughts on “Maternity Style: Artistic License | Kristina x Hannah

  1. I truly could have written this blog myself!! I’ve always liked to try on different personas with my outfits, but started to feel like people were judging me as fake or a poser.
    Thanks for the inspiration to not care what they think!!


  2. You’ve completely managed to fool me into thinking this cardigan could be retro! (And that’s saying somethin’ because it’s my cardigan. haha)

    I’m so glad that you’re changing the direction of your outfits and trying to stay more true to your style without trying to please others. At the end of the day, you’re the one who is wearing your clothes, not anybody else, so why not wear what YOU like?

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater


  3. Yep, this is absolutely adorable..!! I totally see you as a fun loving 60s/70s teacher! I loved my teachers that dressed like this when I was younger. It affected me more than I actually realized! If they dressed like this it seemed to make my whole attitude better towards school that day. So you are right, it’s truly a cheery print because this post makes me happy! :)
    You are beautiful through every stage of pregnancy and general mom body life! I’ve had my fair share of body image conflictions, so I can totally feel you there. Read some of @healthyisthenewskinny posts and it will make you love yourself in a totally different way. Their instagram changed my life! <3


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