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So, my usual modus operandi is to style things in a way that’s work-appropriate. But sometimes I just have to give in to inspiration and play dress-up.

Shaped by Style | Wrap skirt to halter dress 1

I was absolutely in love with this wrap skirt when Kristina posted it a few weeks ago, and was thrilled when she offered it up for a swap. And even though I could have styled this skirt about a zillion different ways, I went with my original inspiration.

IMG_9398Shaped by Style | Wrap skirt to halter dress 2

I knew I wanted to turn the skirt into a halter dress (which couldn’t be easier, you just bring the ends to the front, cross them over your chest and either tie them behind your neck, or bring the strings back around your waist as a belt, like I did here). And the rest just flowed from there. I thrifted this wonderful bright bandana scarf a few months ago, and I love using it as a turban/head scarf to add some bright color near my face. These yellow hoops are pretty much the only brightly-colored earrings I have, so that was a gimme. And I chose this necklace to lend, I don’t know, kind of a tropical flavor to the whole thing?

Shaped by Style | Wrap skirt to halter dress 3

The funny thing is, this look is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone. I rarely wear my hair up, because I feel like it’s more flattering for me to have it framing my face. I don’t often wear sleeveless tops, and when I do, I NEVER wear halter tops. And this skirt style and length is one I wouldn’t usually consider.

Shaped by Style | Wrap skirt to halter dress 4

But you know what? I am in love with this whole look. And doing this taught me that it’s worth letting go of the stories we tell ourselves about what “works” for our shape, or what’s “flattering” for us, and not be afraid to try things out. Do you stick to certain styles and silhouettes? Or do you prefer to experiment?

Shaped by Style | Wrap skirt to halter dress 5

How they wore it

How They Wore It | Kristina

Thanks, Kristina, for letting me have fun with this amazing vintage skirt!

Emily | Bread and Roses Vintage


5 thoughts on “Wrap Skirt as Halter Dress | Emily x Kristina

  1. I love it when that happens. I feel like I could conquer the world when a unique way to style something just pops into my head and totally works how I thought it would. Haha! It’s so funny how clothes can do that — boost your confidence just by… working. :D And yes, that too; I’m hoping to try a few things that push me out of my comfort zone post baby, like wearing more bodycon or tent-style dresses. I love them on other people, but when I am not pregnant… I stay away from them. So, hopefully I can get over whatever it is that keeps me away from wearing those two styles, because I’ve found so many awesome dresses at thrift stores that I rejected solely based on their shapes.


  2. Thanks Kristina! I usually really work hard to come up with a way to style something but this one just came to me :) I almost always find that when I try something new/different, I really enjoy it and I think, “Why don’t I do this more often?” But it can be hard to push myself to not do things in a way that feels “safe.”

    I can’t wait until someone else styles this skirt! I can think of so many ways to wear it …


  3. Okay, I was not expecting this skirt to get styled as a dress! I LOVE that you did this; this is the kind of creativity I love seeing!! You look fantastic, too, trying all the things you don’t normally do. I can definitely relate to feeling like your hair is more flattering down; I feel like that too, but always wearing it down would deprive me of fun headscarf wearing! So I find ways to work around it — letting strands fall down to help frame my face even though the rest is up, or having sideswept bangs that are loose from the scarf, or even just a little victory roll in front of the scarf. All those things help it look more flattering on me (in my eyes, anyway!).

    I hope more girls style that skirt; I really want to see how else it can be worn!


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