Lace Cardigan, Polkadot Dress, Red Lips | Lyndsey x Hannah

Lace Cardi, Polkadot Dress, Red Lips
OUTFIT DETAILS: Thrifted polkadot dress, Payless black flats, d.o.t.s. fashions lipstick earrings, Hannah‘s lace cardigan, gifted gold rings from hubby
Hey hey hey- it’s me, Lyndsey! I’m back and sharing my newest style swap with Hannah– her adorable lace cardigan. Now, for a girl who truly hates the feel of some lace, I was nervous about this swap. But I couldn’t resist dreaming of pairing it with so many dresses in my closet, so I had to have it! Thankfully, the lace is a soft cotton blend, which my skin can handle. I’m so weird touchy/feely when it comes to different fabrics and textures.
(Don’t even get me started on wool.. it’s like nails on a chalkboard to my skin!)
Lace Cardi, Polkadot Dress, Red LipsLace Cardi, Polkadot Dress, Red Lips
Anywho, this cardigan is the perfect cream color which surprisingly matches so many more things in my closet than I had anticipated. It’s summer in GA right now (we totally skipped Spring haha) meaning it’s hot, muggy, and more humid than ever. I was worried with this cardigan it would be too much to wear out since the humidity is almost unbearable, but today there was a wonderful breeze and the humidity wasn’t bad, so I broke out this bad baby and styled it with my go-to lightweight polkadot dress and some red lips. I love to tie any of the tops I wear over my dresses, especially when it’s hot out. I picked up this habit a while back when I used to style my outfits for Chictopia and have loved it ever since. Here, I styled it both ways to show how awesome it looks! I think that’s a great way to transition lightweight cardigans/tops throughout the year.
Lace Cardi, Polkadot Dress, Red LipsLace Cardi, Polkadot Dress, Red Lips
Thanks for the opportunity to swap this awesome cardi, Hannah banana! This girl and I have been internet besties for quite a while now and have swapped many a clothes over the years. Hopefully I’ll be grabbing some more goodies from her soon! I can’t get over her awesome thrifting skills. Thrift your heart out for us, Hannah!!!

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5 thoughts on “Lace Cardigan, Polkadot Dress, Red Lips | Lyndsey x Hannah

  1. Those earrings, though! And you look incredible with red lipstick (Well, any lipstick, actually! You wear it so well!). I love how you styled the cardigan; I may just have to add that to my list of things to snag, because it’s so pretty and light, and it looks perfect for the heat waves we’re getting!

    And, of course, polka dots. I love polka dots. Haha! My swap post tomorrow is polka dots!


  2. Thank you, Emily!! I absolutely LOVE these earrings.. I wish I had a pair for everyone in the group! I bought a second pair for Hannah a while back but I cannot for the life of me find them. They’ll turn up someday! :)


  3. So pretty! I love the red lipstick with this black-and-white outfit. And, can we talk about your earrings? They are amaaaazing!

    This looks like such a great versatile piece. I love tying a top over a dress as well – it can add a nice touch to an outfit without overwhelming the dress. Plus if I am in air conditioning for more than 20 minutes, my arms/shoulder always feel chilly.


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