Floral print mod top: Emily x Hannah

Some people count sheep to fall asleep at night. I dream about clothes.

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I get all comfy and tucked in and cozy, and then I close my eyes and I ask myself, “What am I going to wear tomorrow?” And I let my mind drift through my closet. Sometimes there’s a fashion challenge I’m working on (this month I’ve joined the August Style Challenge by @wearwhatwhere); sometimes there’s a neglected garment that I’m trying to figure out how to style; and every now and then, I get a package in the mail from one of the lovely ladies on this blog, and I have something new to play with.

Shaped by Style | Mod floral print tunic

Dreaming about clothes is seriously my happy place. I can let go of all the stressful things about the day (which are usually numerous, I’m kind of high-strung) and just go to a world of pretty colors and inspiration. It gives me a way to look forward to the coming day, instead of dreading any of the stressful things that await me.

Shaped by Style | Mod floral print tunic

And then the next day, I get to bring my vision to life. I can’t draw, or paint, or sculpt the visions I can see in my mind, but I can execute an outfit that looks just the way I imagined it. And even when I can’t, sometimes the surprises are half the fun.

IMG_8725 Shaped by Style | Mod floral print tunic

Thanks, Hannah, for giving me something dreamy to think about! I’m sad to see this pretty tunic go, but I’m excited to see how it gets styled next time around.

Emily | Bread and Roses Vintage


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5 thoughts on “Floral print mod top: Emily x Hannah

  1. It really is! I also like to think about potential knitting and sewing projects, most of which are in the realm of total fantasy because I lack the patience and time to execute them. But it’s fun to fantasize!


  2. Ha, glad I’m not the only one who was like “… ok what IS this?” But it’s so fabulous that I immediately forgave it. Styling this top was a real challenge! I think if I actually owned it, I would wear it over skinny jeans and call it a day :)


  3. Wait, do other people NOT dream about clothes when they go to sleep?? I get some of my best ideas just before dozing off.

    Your styling of this top/dress/tunic (I’ve never really settled on WHAT it is) is phenomenal! I like that it’s both vintage and modern at the same time. And your color scheme is to die for!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater


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