Retro Polka Dots | Kristina x Rebecca

Retro Polka Dots | Shaped by Style

Happy Monday! This is officially my first Shaped by Style post not pregnant, how crazy is that? And I think it’s kind of fitting that since Emily just did a roundup of how we all wore polka dots, I’m styling polka dots today for my “return” from blogging maternity leave. This dress of Rebecca’s is the most comfortable, adorable dress I’ve styled yet; it’s like the best tee shirt ever, only in super cute dress form, so nobody knows you’re really dressed for comfort!

Retro Polka Dots | Shaped by Style

I am right in the in-between world of clothing now, where my usual sizes aren’t quite fitting my waist yet, but the larger clothes I bought for my pregnant self are a bit too big, so finding clothing to wear these days is proving a challenge. Because not only does it need to fit, it needs to be child-proof and nursing-friendly. This dress happens to be both! Stretchy, wide neckline, and easy to wash? I think this might be the perfect dress.

Retro Polka Dots | Shaped by Style Retro Polka Dots | Shaped by Style

And also, you know, polka dotted. And navy blue. It’s basically a neutral, which means it literally could go with any color ever. How’s that for versatile?

Retro Polka Dots | Shaped by Style

Dress, Rebecca’s | headscarf and earrings, thrifted/vintage | shoes, Modcloth

Thank you Rebecca for letting me borrow this dress!

How they wore it Kickin-It-Casual-by-Lyndsey

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