5 Lipstick Trends To Try This Fall

With Fall finally arriving (YAY!), I just couldn’t resist diving into the lipstick trends for the season. It’s time to transition from sweet Summer pinks and nudes to vampy shades and berry hues. Here’s a list of the top 5 lip trends that are skyrocketing in popularity for this Fall. **Disclaimer: None of these images are mine or claimed to be by any of the authors of Shaped By Style. I am posting them solely for the purpose of inspiration. All images are credited accordingly to their owners! Thanks for enjoying!**

  1. Vampy
    Vampy lips are all the rage this year- dark burgundy, deep crimson, and violet red have really been taking over Insta-lippies with ease. The coolest part about this beauty is the versatility- from the darkest ebony beauty to the fairest of them all, this lip trend is versatile for almost every skin tone. As a pale girl, I myself can’t wait to try these colors. via @beautycloudnl

  2. PlumA plum pout is always a good choice – especially if you want to bring out your inner 90s girl. Be cautious about which purple hue you choose though, making sure it matches the undertones of your skin. Fair skinned girls: go for the pinky/burgundy hued plums. Darker girls: choose the more brownish/gold undertones. via @lippielust

  3. Copper

    Ahhh, copper lips. I seriously love how warm and autumn-y copper tones make me feel, but there is just something about copper lips that is really striking! via @dreadfullydivine

  4. Berry & Matte
    I love a dark matte lip on just about anyone, so this one basically explains itself. If you’re nervous about trying darker colors on your skin, go for a safe color such as red or crimson. via @shannonbellemakeup

  5. Dark & Glossy If you’re really into the vampy lip trend but don’t think matte suits you- take it up a notch by adding some mega gloss. I love a good, bitten looking lip, and this one is no exception! Sexy and very wearable. via @cosmeticsobsession

What lip trends are you willing to try this year? Any favorite lipstick brands?  XOXO
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