How We Wore It: Polka Dots

This is part of a series of occasional posts showing how the women of Shaped by Style wore a particular style, trend or look. Today we’re taking on polka dots, a print that’s near and dear to many of our hearts!

Shaped by Style polka dot collage

If we could crown a Queen of Polka Dots, I think it would be a draw between Skye and Kristina, so we’ll start with two looks from them that I really enjoyed:

I love everything about this outfit — the mix of colors, of prints, the hat, the full sleeves of the blouse, the purse, the umbrella as accessory.

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I love the way different prints can make a black-and-white outfit look so dynamic and creative! Kristina has featured this oversized-dot tee in a lot of her posts, and it looks terrific here with a gingham pencil skirt and head scarf.

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Doesn’t Hannah look chic in this polka dot romper? Tan + white is such a classic combo. And, I’m dying over the pretty little fascinator she made:

You can see more of Hannah’s post here:

Lyndsey always features such pretty, feminine looks, and this one is no exception. I love how this look perfectly blends modern and retro influences in a way that is truly timeless.

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This (somewhat) subtle combination of polka dots and florals was one of my first forays into print-mixing, and as you can tell by my big smile, I was happy with the way it turned out. (Note to self: I should wear this blouse more often!) I love the way pale polka dots can fade into a muted hue at a distance, but pop brightly up close.

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What print, style or look would you like to see us feature in our next “How We Wore It” post? Leave your comment below to let us know!


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