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Hello everyone! Today I am styling this gorgeous white top from Rebecca, and get to be the first person to debut it in the group! It’s funny because this is actually a maternity top, but Rebecca said she got it while not pregnant because it worked well and she liked the way it looked — something I used to do all the time! I think I buy more maternity clothes when I’m not pregnant than when I am. Mostly on accident at the thrift store because they aren’t categorized as maternity.

4 This skirt is something I thrifted a little while ago, and love for its tropical print and breeziness — today, I think I felt very laid-back (although the heels make this outfit a bit fancier) because this is my first post with almost bare skin while blogging. I had really bad acne on my cheeks for about four years in my early twenties (seriously, I thought only teens got acne?) so I got very used to covering up my skin and hiding imperfections with everything available — concealer, powder, foundation, primer, bronzer… the whole shebang.

The other day, though, as an experiment to see if my skin was really as red and blotchy as my brain told me it was, I decided to only wash half of my face. And discovered that the only difference between the full face and the bare face was… freckles.

6 Collage 2And I’ve always loved and wanted more freckles. So I’ve given up full-face makeup as a daily routine, and am sticking to a bit of concealer for under my eyes, and whatever eye makeup I feel like doing that day. I still LOVE makeup as a whole, and will probably do the full routine when I feel like being fancier, or feel a little too red that day, or just feel like doing lots of contouring and concealing to get a perfect face, but… I think summer is the perfect time to let go of a few things, and make that daily routine easier.

The less layers in the summer, the better, right?


Shirt, Rebecca’s | skirt, belt, and shoes, thrifted

I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!Kristina Signature



6 thoughts on “Tropical Lace | Kristina x Rebecca

  1. I totally get that — if I’m in something fancy and don’t have foundation on, I feel like the look is missing something. Maybe because everything else has been artfully prettied up, but then bare skin looks too relaxed with it? I don’t know!

    And yes. That could be a very creepy sentence out of context. :D Hahahah!


  2. I really need to find a shirt like this for myself! I LOVE the way the white lace adds a breezy feel to the outfit. Plus, its open so… actual breeze coming through, which is nice when you’re pregnant and too hot all the time. :D


  3. This outfit is giving me serious vaca vibes. You are rocking this top from Rebecca!

    More often than not I am without makeup. I got in the habit of wearing tons of foundation as a teen because I thought it was my right of passage to wear makeup! I’ve actually got great skin, a little dry and red, but not enough that it embarrasses me. For some reason I think my face looks undone if I get all dolled up sans foundation. It’s dumb really. So what if people see some of my natural flesh poking through? lol (Ok, that last sentence sounds very creepy out of context!)

    -Hannah | The Outfit Repeater


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