Pour me a spot of chartreuse| Skye x Emily


You may have noticed I like my clothes not just loud, but screaming in agony. Emily’s chartreuse skirt fits my garish bill quite nicely. I’ve been drawing influence from the ’60s lately, and this skirt is the perfect complement to an unbearably mod outfit.



FUN FACT: chartreuse-the-drink actually came before chartreuse-the-color! The color was named after the drink, and yet far more people have heard of the color than have ever even sniffed a chartreuse cocktail. I wonder what other colors ordinary objects might one day give us. My money’s on “haggis gray”.



swapVIII swapVI swapIX
Skye SIgnature

And here’s how Emily and Hannah wore it!

skirtI skirtII


2 thoughts on “Pour me a spot of chartreuse| Skye x Emily

  1. I never knew that about chartreuse – good trivia tidbit. It is one of my favorite colors. I wouldn’t have thought of this color combo, but I LOVE it. I’m totally going to pair this with pink when it comes back to me!


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