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Fashion “rules” would probably tell me to pair this outrageous print with a neutral, or to concentrate on bringing out ONE of the colors in the print. But I’m a total “more is more” gal, so give me a loud print and I’m going to do my best to really let it scream.

Vintage horse print dress |
Photo Apr 27, 7 54 03 AM

I was thrilled to get my hands on this dress from Kristina for my first style swap. I am a total sucker for a terrific print, and it doesn’t really get more terrific than this one! Purple flowers and ferns, prancing horses and, oh, those COLORS.

Photo Apr 27, 7 59 03 AM

One of the things I like to highlight on my blog is how to style distinctive, unusual or outlandish items in a work-appropriate way. Mind you, my definition of “work-appropriate” is probably broader than some; I’m a newspaper editor, and our office dress code for women is extremely vague. But it’s possible, even in a more conservative setting, to pull off unconventional pieces.

Photo Apr 27, 7 58 18 AM

Still, I had no desire to “tone down” the gorgeous, vivid hues of this vintage dress! I reached for an orange sweater right away. I am NOT curvy, so I rely on garments like this cardigan to define my waist, especially if I’m wearing a straight or A-line dress. And I loved how the orange brought out the colors of the dress. Combined with bright bangles and purple flats, the whole outfit just put a smile on my face.

vintage horse print dress

I am not much of a makeup person, but I did add pale green eyeshadow to brighten up my eyes, and a copper-tinted lip balm to give my face a bit of color. And just in case there wasn’t enough color already, I picked out a pair of blue bangles and a green head scarf! (Like I said: More is more.)

Photo Apr 27, 7 53 33 AM
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How they wore it

Vintage horse print dress |


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  1. Oh my goodness- this dress was totally made for the both of you! I love how perfectly that cardigan matches that dress. Absolutely gorgeous!

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  2. I love that you added more colors to the mix instead of pairing this with something neutral! The dress looks SO fantastic on you — I really, really adore how you wore it. And it looks very office appropriate to me! I worked in a really lax office, too, but I always tried wearing “office” wear although my definition was probably even less appropriate than yours! That’s the perk of working in a lax office!


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