Print Mixing Maxi Skirt | Emily x Kristina

I may be a little late to the maxi skirt trend (can we even call it a trend anymore?) but this summer I am loving long skirts.


I swapped this skirt with Kristina months ago, and took the time to style it a few different ways while I had it. It is such a bright and cheerful piece, and the primary-color palette really makes it fun to play with.



Sometimes in summer I miss the layered looks of fall and winter, but then I remember that adding accessories can be just as fun as adding layers. And even with just two pieces, there is still a lot you can do with prints, shapes and colors.


The print on this dress makes me dream about creating my own textile by doing fabric stamping. Have you guys ever tried it? Merrick’s Art had a simple tutorial on it recently that got me thinking about what a fun project it could be.


What do you do to keep your looks interesting in the summer? Sometimes when it’s this hot I can’t even bear to wear necklaces! Give us your best hot-weather accessorizing tips.






Cruisin’ | Emily x Hannah

Sometimes you just have to spend some time with a piece before you know what to do with it. Such was the case with this awesomely colorful poncho I swapped with Hannah. She sent it to me a few weeks ago, and it took me a while to get a good vision of how to style this unique and distinctive piece. But I love a good challenge!


I jumped at the chance to swap this poncho because I have literally never worn a poncho until now. How did I make it to the ripe old age of 30-noneofyourbusiness without wearing a poncho? Well, it just happened that way. So I had to give it a whirl.


I realize this may seem like an odd choice for the beginning of summer, but let me tell you, upstate New York is tricky like that. You’ll be sweating it out in 90-degree heat one day, and the next day, bam! Low of 42. So you’ve got to be prepared for anything. This was actually a genius way to chase away the morning and evening chill, but it was easy to throw off when the day warmed up.


I can’t pinpoint my exact inspiration for this outfit, but when I put it all together, I had the general feeling of “Someone’s Grandma going on a cruise.” Which, you know, I’m OK with that! I wrote a couple of blog posts about being inspired by the different styles of my two grandmothers. So, #grandmastyle4life, I say.


Note that I am being a total rebel here and mixing my gold sparkly nail polish with silver sparkly earrings. What can I say, I like to live on the edge.



Thanks to Hannah for letting me tick “wear a poncho” off my life list! This was super comfy and fun to wear.




Cinco de Mayo: Oaxacan Dress + Pompon Crown | Emily x Kristina

Like they used to say on the A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together.”


I had been eyeing this beautiful Oaxacan-style embroidered dress of Kristina’s since she first posted it ages ago. And when it came my way to be styled, I didn’t know at first what I wanted to do with it.


But then quite suddenly I figured it out. And I was so driven to create this vision that I got out some old yarn scraps and sat down and made a pompon crown because it just felt like that was what needed to happen. And even though making those stupid pompons was, seriously, the most boring craft I have ever done, it was worth it. Because my plan came together.


This look is a real mish-mash of ideas and inspirations. I’m sure the pompon crown I saw on Mariah a while back was on my mind. I thought about how Kristina styled the dress originally, and how I styled it for her when we did our style swap. And when I put it all together, I felt a little bit like Tasha and a little bit like Frida (Kahlo, that is).




I bought these little apple earrings last summer and just found them the other day — I must have tucked them into my purse when I was going around to yard sales, and set aside that purse for the whole fall and winter! (Please tell me this happens to other people …) I don’t wear dangly earrings often, but the shape and size of these are perfect for me, especially with my hair up.



Thanks, Kristina, for sharing this stupendous dress! You can see how much fun I had wearing it. I styled a second look with it, too, that I’ll show you another time. Until then —





Shaped by Stripes | Pinspiration

We’ve been sharing our favorite #shapedbystripes looks this month, featuring similar striped skirts that each of us own or have swapped. Here’s a roundup of some more inspiring looks we found on Pinterest:


This simple look via pairs a classic chambray shirt and white flats with a crisp striped skirt for a fresh and tailored look.


Speaking of preppy, Gal Meets Glam gives her navy and white skirt a warm and feminine appeal with a simple blush long-sleeved top (love that quilted clutch, too).


Do you mix brown and black? Stylish Petite makes a great case for breaking this fashion “rule” with this chic ensemble. The rich brown tones of the bag and belt really make the skirt pop.


Two great stripes that go great together! This look from Atlantic Pacific smartly blends striped separates of similar widths in a look that’s both simple and statement-making.


This pin from Wanted Style makes a strong case for how much fun you can have playhing with color against a black-and-white piece. Now, where can we find those pom-pom heels??

We’ve had fun styling our striped skirts this month, and we’d love to have you join in! Tag #shapedbystripes to share your favorite looks or inspos so we can share! You can find us on Instagram at @shapedbystyle.


Red Polka Dots + Striped Skirt | Shaped by Stripes


Emily here with the latest installment of our Shaped by Stripes feature! This month we are showcasing how a simple style — in this case, a striped skirt — can be worn in different ways, on different body types. Check out the previous looks from Lyndsey, Hannah and Kristina, too!

Shaped By Stripes

I actually bought this skirt specifically so I could join in our month-long style challenge — it’s from H&M by way of thredUP (use my code to sign up and get $10 to spend), and I’m excited to add it to my wardrobe.



My closet is already pretty full of black-and-white patterned clothes — polka dots, stripes, florals — which are fun to mix with colors, as I’ve done here. The skirt itself, though, is a little weird. The fabric is stretchy and I assumed the waistband would be elastic, but … it isn’t. It doesn’t really stretch at all. And there’s no fasteners. So even though this skirt fits my waist perfectly, I have to put it on from the top (like a dress), and even at that, it’s a tight fit! What gives, H&M? I guess it wasn’t designed for someone with hips?

I added a pair of abalone earrings that mimic the polka dots on my top, and a rhinestone tennis bracelet that I found at a yard sale last summer. It’s fake as fake can be, but it’s still sparkly, so I’m good with it.




I’m inspired to try out some other looks with my new skirt! What would you pair it with? If you want to play along with us, tag your outfit pics with #shapedbystripes so we can see and share what you come up with!



How We Wore It: Maxi Skirts

Hello all! Emily here with a look at how the ladies of Shaped by Style have rocked maxi dresses and skirts.



Kimono Style Swap Post ft Lyndsey of Dressed in Mascara

Lyndsey brought an elegant and Asian-inspired style to her black lace maxi with a kimono she swapped with Hannah. Catch the full post here.

Kimono Style Swap Post ft Lyndsey of Dressed in Mascara



Justine keeps it cool and casual with this bright lace top, khaki maxi and tan sandals as part of her Workwear Wednesdays series. Check out the full post here.


Kristina |


Kristina looks like a fairy tale princess in this vintage goddess gown. See the whole post here.


Hannah The Outfit Repeater


Hannah showed off two looks in one with this chic knit maxi. The look is understated with a statement necklace and flat sandals — or watch it really pop when she adds a bright pink moto jacket (see the full post here):




Noelle created a dreamy, ethereal look with rich accents for a Style Imitating Art post inspired by a beautiful mural (full post here).




I went with a boho feel for this tribal-print strapless maxi dress and actually tried out a few different looks (see the whole post here).


What’s your favorite way to rock a maxi?


Emily | Red cape + checked trousers

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to help you see something in a new way.


I bought this red cape a few years back at my local Salvation Army because — well, it’s a vintage cape, do I really need a reason? But then … it sat in my closet. And sat. And sat.



But after offering it up for swap in this group, I’ve found myself much more inspired to wear this piece. Kristina wore it beautifully over full skirts with heels, and then Noelle looked super chic and crisp in a plaid top and gray straight skirt.




When I was reunited with my cape, I paired it with a vintage Op Art top (which my grandmother sewed for my aunt in the 1970s), a pair of checked skinny trousers and my trusty black heels for a look that felt both straightforward and distinctive. And if there was ever any doubt in my mind about whether capes are easy to wear, it’s gone now! All these looks have proven otherwise.


How they wore it


Red cape, I’m sorry I let you sit in the closet for so long. I promise I’ll bring you out to play more often. Thanks to Kristina and Noelle for inspiring me to stop neglecting this fabulous garment!

Emily Signature


Instagram / Etsy giveaway (giveaway closed)

We’re excited to announce that we’re doing another giveaway to invite you to check out our brand-new Instagram account!


We’re just starting out at @shapedbystyle, but we’re excited about sharing, not just our own looks, but looks from you guys, to showcase the ways in which style comes in all shapes and sizes. So we’re giving away a $25 Etsy gift card to one of our new Instagram friends!

To enter, just click through to our giveaway hosted by Rafflecopter — there are lots of ways to earn extra entries, and if you’re already following us, it’s going to be a breeze. Good luck to all who enter — this giveaway will close at midnight Sunday, March 13, so don’t delay! We’ll announce the winner here after the giveaway has closed.

Update: The winner is @thriftarchives ! Thanks to all who entered and followed along.

Goodbye green: Mint dress + windowpane check cardigan

I recently did a big closet purge and picked out this mint dress as one to get rid of. So this outfit post is a swan song of sorts. But there’s a good chance you’ll see it here again, because I’m sending it off to Kristina after this — not just for a swap, but for keeps (or for as long as she wants it).


I have gotten a lot better at getting rid of things that aren’t working for me, but it’s still hard. Hannah posted a great video mini series the other day over at The SITS Girls about thrifting and decluttering, and I loved some of her advice.



I definitely have the polar opposite of a capsule wardrobe, in many different ways. For one thing, I am not interested in narrowing my style down to one particular “look” or genre of fashion. What thrills me about style is trying new things, experimenting, playing around and having fun.


This outfit is a great example of how I put things together — I start with a piece and just … keep adding until it feels right. (There is occasionally subtraction, too, but let’s be honest, I’m not a “less is more” kind of person.) Hair and makeup are always afterthoughts, once the outfit is set. And I’m not exactly sure why this outfit read mod to me once I got done — but it was fun to do this faux beehive and take advantage of my hair’s natural volume.




Much as I love the idea of a full-skirted mint dress, the cut just isn’t one I really like. I’ve learned that if I’m always reaching for thing to wear over or under a dress, it probably means I don’t love the cut of it. And this is a case in point.


How they wore it

I am a little sad to say goodbye to this dress, but, I’m excited to see it on Kristina — and maybe some of the other ladies in this group! To keep up with all of us, be sure to follow us on our brand spankin’ new Instagram, where we’re having fun sharing tidbits of our own lives as well as looks we love from other ladies.



Blanket scarf, dress + leggings | Emily x Justine

What motivates you when you put together an outfit?


For me, it’s usually one of two ideas: 1) I want to see if I can re-create look I’ve seen/been inspired by; or 2) I want to see if I can style something in a way that’s new and different. And lately, it’s a lot more of #2. But I’ve got to admit, this blanket scarf I swapped with Justine had me stumped!


I was all confident that I could come up with a totally new way to wear a blanket scarf, that no one had ever seen or imagined! And then I returned to Earth and realized that … nope.



So I decided that, well, maybe I can’t re-invent the wheel and come up with a new way of wearing what might literally be THE most popular accessory among fashion bloggers. But! I can put my own spin on it and wear it in a way that feels a bit more “me.”


On paper, this look is very similar to the way Justine and Lyndsey have styled it. But the little details made me feel like I had managed to put a different twist on this look. I am a huge fan of scarves, and I adored wearing this great big blanket scarf all day. You can make fun of the trend all you want, but this thing was cozy. And anything that allows me to be warm and fashionable at the same time is tops on my list.


How they wore it

Thanks, Justine, for letting me snuggle up in this cuddly blanket scarf! Us upstate New Yorkers need all the warmth we can get this time of year.e