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Kristina debuted this thrifted cherry-print dress last December, and I immediately went all Grabbyhands McGee. I have no idea why cherry has been enshrined as THE rockabilly print, but whatever the reason, I’m a slave to it. My style ethos can basically be boiled down to “wearing costumes every single day”. I don’t want “a touch”, “a dab”, “an inspiration” – no, when something strikes my fancy, I go all out.

In Kristina’s dress, I look like a caricature of a rockabilly babe, and that’s exactly the way I like it. I am not subtle, and I never will be.



Let’s take a moment of silence for having a vintage-loving friend exactly your size. I have found that in Kristina (though I promise I’m not using her for her wardrobe). When you live on dollar-rack finds, you gotta look out for one another.

Also, I did not realize until after I’d shot and edited these photos that I had mimicked her so blatantly. I had totally forgotten how she’d posed, but I guess my subconscious remembered. Either that, or the dress exerted its power over us both. Cherries can do that.





cherriesx cherriesiii

How she wore it:

how she wore it

one two
Skye SIgnature


5 thoughts on “rockacherry | skye x kristina

  1. That dress worked so perfectly for you!! I love it on both you and Kristina.. I can’t wait to see how others take a style twist on it as well!!


  2. Pose Thief. ;) Ha!

    I LOVE IT. I knew it would be perfect on you! And I love the cherry headscarf, and um… now every time I go to the thrift store I subconsciously keep an eye out for cherry-print things for you. Knowing that if it fits me it’ll fit you makes it SO easy. I love those shoes, too; they’re SO perfect with this! Pretty much, everything about this post is perfection.

    (Totally, you can use me for my wardrobe. I might do the same to you. Haha!)


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