Chambray Shirt Dress | Rebecca x Emily

Two ways to wear a chambray shirt dress:

Way #1: Glam

plus size chambray dressRebecca from Daisy Disdain

When I signed up to swap this little denim dress of Emily’s I thought it would be a piece of cake to style. I already have a sleeveless patchwork denim dress in my closet that I enjoy wearing from time to time so I didn’t think that Emily’s dress would pose much of a challenge for me. Boy was I wrong! There were two issues with this dress that were challenging for me. But I always love a good styling challenge!

Challenge 1: The dress didn’t fit!
So this dress ended up being too small for me. It buttoned at the smallest part of my waist but it would not button over my hips or chest.

Solution: Wear this garment as a duster jacket to avoid the issue of pulling over my curves and to give me more range of movement.

Challenge 2: It wasn’t really my style
I am not big on denim. I love it on other people but aside from the denim dress that I mentioned above, a pair of jeans, a jean jacket & one chambray shirt I don’t really wear/own denim. This dress was also a touch more casual than what I usually wear (I like to think of my style as a bit more glam & edgy).

Solution: Add a trendy eyelash hem bodycon dress, a large statement necklace and, of course, black.

How they wore it

Way #2: Casual

casual chambray shirt dress for daytimeEmily from Bread and Roses Vintage

As I was putting this post together, and contemplating how challenging it was for me to pull off this chambray shirt dress, I was thinking to myself “Now Rebecca, from all the other items that were available to swap why did you choose a dress that you knew would most likely be too small for you and that wasn’t really your style?” And I think the answer to that question was so that I could illustrate to you, lovely Shaped by Style reader, that now matter your body type or size, you can make fashion work for you. It just takes a little creativity & thinking outside the box!

P.S. I was so inspired by this little denim dress and the fact that it pushed me out of my comfort zone that after I wrote this post I styled another look featuring head to toe denim. Check out my denim on denim/ Canadian Tuxedo outfit here.Reb


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  1. That is SUCH a smart way to style something that doesn’t fit properly!! I’ll definitely have to remember this sometime when I buy something at the thrift store that I can’t pass up. I love the style both ways!


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