Vintage hats and retro capes | Kristina x Emily

Vintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by StyleVintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by Style

Today I discovered that vintage hats make me self-conscious.

Well, any type of hat makes me self-conscious, actually. I don’t wear hats a lot (or ever), and while I desperately want to work vintage hats into my head-wardrobe every day (like this one, or this one, or THIS ONE) there are a few things that stop me. One, most vintage hats I find thrifting or antiquing are black or dark brown, which means you can’t really see them on my head. Two, nobody around here wears hats, except for sports fans with baseball caps, or hipsters with knitted beanies. Three, I haven’t quite figured out how I like to style my hair with them. And four… it’s hard to find the right shape for my face.

I thrifted a vintage cloche the other day, but it really, really does not suit my face at all. I tend to prefer the hats that have a wide brim, or are more headband-shaped, and those are generally the hardest to find — probably because they tend to be the most wearable.

Vintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by StyleVintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by Style

But I have a few vintage hats in my possession, and I think I’ll try harder to style them because why own cool hats if you never wear them? Pinning my hair up into a fake bob for this hat made me really, really want to cut my hair. I had a bob a few years ago when I was growing my hair out from a pixie cut, and I’m right at that stage where I don’t know if I want to keep it shorter, or let it grow to my waist again. Because I love long hair, but always end up wearing it in a messy  bun every day… and I like short hair, but always miss the length when it’s short.

Vintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by StyleVintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by StyleVintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by Style

Cape, Emily‘s | dress, shoes, hat, brooch, and belt, thrifted | tights, Target

I hope you are all having a wonderful December so far! If you hadn’t seen it yet, all of us Shaped by Style gals are collaborating here on this blog to do Dressember. You can view our campaign page here, and learn more about it here. It’s a really great organization and cause, I think; having done Dressember on my own blog for two years in a row, I couldn’t decide this year whether I wanted to do it yet again. Ultimately I decided not to on my personal blog because I’ve done two years in a row AND worn dresses for most of my last pregnancy, so I’m ready to give separates a go! But I’m so glad we’re able to collaboratively participate on Shaped by Style! It gives me a way to still be involved in a great cause while also being able to exercise my own freedoms in the little way that is what I wear.

And Emily, I think another great cause would be if you let me keep this cape forever because it is amazing and I want it. ;) So, you know.

Happy Thursday!

Vintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by StyleVintage hats and retro capes | Shaped by



Chartreuse Skirt, Black Top, Purple Hat | Hannah + Emily

Outfit: Chartreuse Skirt, Black Top, Purple Hat
It’s Hannah here and I’m jumping right in with my very first outfit post for this blog.

I’ve never been shy about wearing weird clothes. Thrift stores are a good place for me because crazy clothes are king at those places!

So when I saw that Emily had this loud, chartreuse skirt available for swapping, I totally went for it!

Outfit: Chartreuse Skirt, Black Top, Purple HatOutfit: Chartreuse Skirt, Black Top, Purple HatThis is actually a color I’ve never worn before but figured it couldn’t be too different from a standard yellow or green, right?

Emily previously wore this skirt with a black top so I took some inspiration from her and also went with a black top. But to add my own unique signature to it, I paired it with a maroon hat and matching lipstick.

My favorite part would probably have to be the little owl necklace. I’m so obsessed with pairing bronze jewelry with my black clothes!

Outfit: Chartreuse Skirt, Black Top, Purple Hat
Top, outlet store | Skirt, traded from Emily | Belt, thrifted | Necklace, | Flats, Wal-Mart | Hat, H&M

I’m totally digging this entire outfit and am going to keep this color pairing in mind for the future. It’s different but somehow it just works!

Do you have any favorite color combos you’ve worn lately? Share them with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear about what you’re wearing!

Also, don’t forget to enter our giveaway for a chance to win a $75 Etsy gift card! You have 2 days left. :)

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