Pretty in Pink, Purple, and Teal | Hannah x Emily

Outfit: Abstract printed peplum sleeveless top, pink moto jacket, teal belt, black jeans, teal low chunky heels

When it comes to my style, I’m just making it up as I go along. I’d argue that we all are!  In fashion, the rules are set by others. In style, you’re in complete control of a look.

While I’m happy to be sporting a teal bow belt from Emily, this outfit was actually created around my peplum sleeveless top! In this post, I’d love to share with you one of my personal “rules” for getting dressed that tricks others into thinking that I know what I’m doing, in terms of clothes.

Outfit: Abstract printed peplum sleeveless top, pink moto jacket, teal belt Outfit: Abstract printed peplum sleeveless top, pink moto jacket, teal belt, black jeans, teal low chunky heels Outfit details: teal low chunky block heels and black Old Navy Rockstar jeggings

This top is my favorite kind of thing to style because it’s just so vibrant. It also has a bunch of colors that can help me put together an outfit. That’s where my trick comes in – you can just pull colors from a multicolored top and it’s almost a cinch that everything you wear with it will match.

By default, I think a lot of us just want to wear basic colors and call it a day. While I did do that by pairing my top with black jeans, I wanted the rest of the outfit to be fun.

This top has hues of blue and pink so I added my pepto pink jacket, Emily’s teal bow belt, a ridiculous cocktail ring (I don’t even know where it came from!) and matching teal shoes. Voila, it looks like I knew what I was doing when really all I did was match the colors of my outfit to my top. It’s elementary!

Outfit details: Abstract printed peplum sleeveless top, pink moto jacket, teal belt, champagne colored statement ring Outfit: Abstract printed peplum sleeveless top, pink moto jacket, teal belt, black jeans, teal low chunky heels

Outfit details: Jeans, Old Navy – Floral peplum top, ring, and pink jacket,  thrifted – Teal shoes, outlet store – Teal belt, from Emily

So did I trick you? What tips or “tricks” do you use to put together an outfit? Let us know down in the comments. Sharing is caring, after all. ;)


Hannah The Outfit Repeater

How They Wore It: Emily of Bread and Roses Vintage in a teal belt shaped like a bow


Florals and Stripes | Hannah


If you look closely beneath my hat, you’ll notice a hint of a new purple hair color. That’s not the only thing different about this post!

Both pieces that I’m wearing are up for grabs but I’m the first (er, only?) person to wear them. This dress is a long standing favorite in my closet but this floral coverup is new-to-me.

floral-striped-winter-outfit-06 floral-striped-winter-outfit-02

I went in a completely different direction when styling this outfit and dipped into hippie territory. This coverup just has such a relaxed vibe to it that it felt wrong to pair it with something structured. Though, I’ll probably still try it in the future. ;)

This coverup has the most incredible mix of patterns on it so I went ahead and threw on another pattern via this striped dress. Hey, life’s too short not to wear all the things.

I rounded out the whole outfit with some familiar accessories like my favorite pork pie hat, a couple oversized black necklaces, and my trusty gray knee-high boots.

floral-striped-winter-outfit-03 floral-striped-winter-outfit-04floral-striped-winter-outfit-05Outfit details – Dress & cover-up, thrifted – Boots, Payless – Hat, ASOS – Tights, Wal-Mart – Necklaces, thrifted/gift

It may be a lot of look but it’s fun trying out different styles and new things. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?


There is no “How They Wore It” because I’m the first. Looking forward to others styling these pieces in the future. Stay tuned!


A Floral Dress With Flair | Hannah x Kristina

How about a little fashion math on this Monday morning? One floral dress + one matching long sleeved top = a whole new dress.
floral-dress-vintage-winter-hat-boots-tights-ootd-02Kristina might be surprised to see that her sleeveless summer frock grew arms since the last time I wore it! Where did they come from?? It’s actually a funny story.

Kristina posted privately on Facebook about thrifting this homemade dress, which then Emily and I (yeah, we’re all friends outside of the blog) chimed in with our own stories of owning something in a similar floral pattern. After taking a few comparison snapshots of my clothes, I found out my floral was an exact match! (My other floral garment is a vest but I think it would be overkill with this outfit, right?)

Of course I had to bring the pieces together to create an outfit because I’m just that kind of person.


I wore my floral top under the dress because it had this really great ruffle that complimented the neckline of the dress perfectly. It looked like straight up Little House On The Prairie so I tried to get away from that by creating a boho-inspired outfit. (Or maybe it’s not? Boho is so blurry to me.)

I was really feeling the vest, boots, and even the slouchy hat when I looked at the final outfit. Some dancing may have occurred because I was so excited at how it all came together…

And for any worry-warts out there who are concerned about the wellbeing of fashion bloggers – yes, I wore a coat before and after pictures, and yes I’m wearing skin colored tights. Though you’re welcome to believe I just have super pasty legs in the winter. I embrace my pale!

floral-dress-vintage-winter-hat-boots-tights-ootd-01 floral-dress-vintage-winter-hat-boots-tights-ootd-03

Outfit details: Kristina’s dress – thrifted blouse, vest, and belt – old K-Mart boot – Dollar Tree hat

So I didn’t test the waters of print mixing with this dress but I’d say I did even better.

What are the odds of two similarity patterned retro threads, thousands of miles apart, finding each other and making an awesome outfit? If that’s not fate then I don’t know what is!



Floral Dress Disguised as a Skirt | Hannah x Kristina

If wearing floral in the winter is wrong, then I don’t want to be right! But where is the actual floral dress that I borrowed from Kristina? Oh, it’s in this post; I just did a little trick to style it as a skirt.

Of course I’m sharing my tips & tricks to help you transform your clothes on the fly!


This post might have a familiar feeling to it and I can see why.

We all seem to be taking notes from one another because this outfit is very much in the vein of Emily’s post on wearing a summer dress in the winter, and Lyndsey’s post about restyling a dress. This post is like the best of both worlds!

floral-dress-beige-sweater-maroon-tights-winter-outfit-05 floral-dress-beige-sweater-maroon-tights-winter-outfit-02

Kristina previously styled this dressed with stripes and as much as I too wanted to print mix with it, I also wanted to do something completely different. This is definitely different!

The dress is shapeless, which is not a bad thing since it’s nice to lounge in, but for me I wanted to shape it up a little. First I belted it, then I tugged it up a little bit to make it a different length, and lastly I added one of my coziest sweaters to hide my work. It’s like a whole new garment for free, without any damage and in under a minute.

This makes me wonder how many other clothes in my closet are in need a 60-second makeover…

floral-dress-beige-sweater-maroon-tights-winter-outfit-03floral-dress-beige-sweater-maroon-tights-winter-outfit-01Outfit details: Skirt/dress, from Kristina – Sweater & jacket, thrifted – Tights & necklace, Walmart – Boots, Target

I wouldn’t doubt if you see this dress one more time from me with some print mixing. I found out that I have two – count ’em two – items in my closet that have this exact same floral print. It’s matchy-matchy to the extreme!