Sunburst | Noelle x Kristina


As promised, here is my colorful, retro inspired interpretation of the famous horse print dress! Last time I wore the dress (which you can see here), I brought this crazy print into our century and toned it down with some edgy, black accessories to show how wearable the dress actually was. This time around I’m embracing all it’s nutso, retro vibes and crazy colors because…just look at it’s awesomeness!


Using the dress as a jumper layered over these billowy sheer sleeves harkens back the era the dress was born in. I feel like a secretary on the later seasons of Mad Men that just decided to go hang out in a field for the fun of it. Obviously, a true to era interpretation and a sunburst color palate isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure as heck is mine!

And now I have to say farewell to the most amazing dress ever so Kristina can be reunited with it. I can’t wait to see what it’s next adventure is going to be.


Long Sleeved Dress: Thrifted | Horse Print Dress: Kristina | Shoes: Thrifted | Brooch: Antique Store | Lips: Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Beeper as a base and LA Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in Oh, La, La on top


Cruisin’ | Emily x Hannah

Sometimes you just have to spend some time with a piece before you know what to do with it. Such was the case with this awesomely colorful poncho I swapped with Hannah. She sent it to me a few weeks ago, and it took me a while to get a good vision of how to style this unique and distinctive piece. But I love a good challenge!


I jumped at the chance to swap this poncho because I have literally never worn a poncho until now. How did I make it to the ripe old age of 30-noneofyourbusiness without wearing a poncho? Well, it just happened that way. So I had to give it a whirl.


I realize this may seem like an odd choice for the beginning of summer, but let me tell you, upstate New York is tricky like that. You’ll be sweating it out in 90-degree heat one day, and the next day, bam! Low of 42. So you’ve got to be prepared for anything. This was actually a genius way to chase away the morning and evening chill, but it was easy to throw off when the day warmed up.


I can’t pinpoint my exact inspiration for this outfit, but when I put it all together, I had the general feeling of “Someone’s Grandma going on a cruise.” Which, you know, I’m OK with that! I wrote a couple of blog posts about being inspired by the different styles of my two grandmothers. So, #grandmastyle4life, I say.


Note that I am being a total rebel here and mixing my gold sparkly nail polish with silver sparkly earrings. What can I say, I like to live on the edge.



Thanks to Hannah for letting me tick “wear a poncho” off my life list! This was super comfy and fun to wear.




How We Wore It: Denim

Thank you for taking a break from your Memorial Day festivities to see what we’re up to! Today we’re going to share with you a round-up of outfits featuring denim, as worn by the members of Shaped By Style. From vintage inspired to modern romantic, we’ve got them all!




Noelle takes the cake for the sweetest outfit of the bunch. Her “Candy Shop” series included this look with high waisted denim shorts and a colorful top to sweeten things up. To get treated to more of this outfit, click here to visit The Classy Junk blog.



If modern romance is your thing, then Lyndsey has the outfit for you. She balanced out her basic dark wash jeans with a flirty floral top and then made our hearts melt by featuring her sweet pup in her photos. Gush over this outfit on Lyndsey’s blog by clicking here.

Kristina |

kristina-eccentric-owl-denim-outfit-inspirationIf anyone can take a vintage aesthetic and make it work with modern pieces, Kristina can! She’s all vintage bombshell on top and ’50s greaser on the bottom. Overall, this is one happenin’ look, daddi-o! Get the deets of this outfit on Eccentric Owl by clicking here.


emily-bread-roses-vintage-denim-outfit-inspirationIf you think denim only comes in the form of pants, think again! Emily shows us that denim can be made into anything, even a dress. While this wasn’t one of Emily’s sewing creations, this outfit does have her personal touch with details like a wide black belt and nude wedges. Do yourself a favor and view this look in it’s full form on Emily’s blog, Breads and Roses Vintage.

Hannah The Outfit Repeater

hannah-outfit-repeater-denim-outfit-inspirationAs for me, I took double denim to a whole new level when I rolled out my “Fashion Flashback” series. My outfit was copied straight from the pages of a 1970’s magazine. The only change from then and now is my far out hair color. If you’d like to see more of this look, click here to go back in time on The Outfit Repeater.

What’s your favorite denim outfit inspiration? We’d love to know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and have a great start to your summer!

Swingin’ Sixties | Kristina x Hannah

Swingin' Sixties | Shaped by StyleSwingin' Sixties | Shaped by Style

Happy Thursday! I hope you all will forgive me for an incredibly short post, but as I write this I am sitting on the couch with a stuffy nose and sore throat, desperately hoping that this will be short lived and I’ll be well enough to go camping this weekend. Thankfully, I snapped these photos wearing Hannah’s darling striped dress a few weeks ago, and they’ve been sitting in my queue waiting to be blogged!

I’ve had this dress from Hannah for a while now (sorry,Hannah!) along with a few other things of hers, and I’ll be honest: I am getting a bit stumped as to how I should style certain things as my own style gets more and more focused on vintage and retro housewife themes. But as soon as I put it on I felt very sixties, and it became a fun little game of black and white patterns with a retro feel.

Swingin' Sixties | Shaped by Style

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I’m really generally not a neutral colors person (I mean, hello, pink hair!) but when it comes to black and white, there’s just something so classic about it that I cannot resist. Nothing I’m wearing in this outfit is vintage, but it all works so well to give off that classic sixties vibe and I really want to secretly integrate this dress into my closet forever. You won’t miss it right Hannah?  Swingin' Sixties | Shaped by Style Swingin' Sixties | Shaped by Style

And how cute is this hedgehog brooch? I’m constantly trawling the jewelry counter at my local thrift stores because they never fail to produce fun and unique brooches — and come to think of it, this may actually be vintage. I’m not great at dating jewelry, though, so I really don’t know. Swingin' Sixties | Shaped by Style

Dress, Hannah’s | Shoes, scarf, and brooch, thrifted

I hope you all have a fantastic memorial day weekend! I am determined to go camping, even if it means that I’ll be sitting with a sinus cold by the fire under a tarp because it’s supposed to rain all weekend. Sounds fun, right? ;)

Kristina |

Hannah Stripes

Polkadots & Paint-Swatch | Lyndsey x Hannah

IMG_5874Lyndsey, here! Today has just been “one of those days”. Events from today included: my prescriptions having to be specially ordered in, a total blackout in all our local restaurants, spilling chocolate ice-cream all over this skirt (& frantically scrubbing it out), finding out my camera was dead & having to wait for it to charge, forgetting to pay a $10 bill & a debt collector mails to inform me it’s about to go onto my credit report (don’t worry, I paid it immediately).. it’s been nothing but a bunch of “aw, crap!” moments.. lol!IMG_5978IMG_5909Untitled-1Anyway, this outfit is one is such a cheery one that today can’t keep me down! I thrifted this skirt last week and it totally reminds me of little paint swatches. Some of the “swatches” on the skirt happen to be the same tan color that perfectly matches Hannah’s adorable polkadot top, so they were destined to be paired!IMG_5946IMG_5862IMG_6010
Hannah’s polkadot top
CitiTrends white tank
Thrifted skirt
Payless gold glitter flats
Gifted owl earrings from Hannah (Walmart)
Gifted gold hoop earrings from Grandmother

Gifted gold rings from hubby

Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself to be cheery in weird situations, but just remember that bad days/mishaps/mistakes/moments don’t make a bad life! There’s always something to smile about! XOXO

Plaid Cape | Noelle x Hannah


Why have I spent my entire adult life not owning a cape?! They’re awesome and I mean that in the old sense of the word. Not just cool. They’re awe-inducing! My favorite bit is how easy they are to wear, which totally blew my mind. You can throw them over any kind of outfit and it’s like adding style sprinkles to a cookie. This outfit is as simple as jeans and a t-shirt  and yet it is so much more than that with the cape.


I’ve always thought that capes would be difficult to wear. Something really “out there” that would stomp me. I could appreciate them on others, but when it came to me, I just didn’t think I would be able to figure out the equation. I looked at them and only saw “x + y(cape) = chic and dramatic” and I’m just awful at math. Well, I am so grateful to this group because I was able to play with something that scared me without making a commitment. I was able to discover how absolutely easy capes are.

What I learned during my time with Emily’s cape, and now Hannah’s, is if you treat them exactly like cute coats, they are pretty much foolproof. They seem to inspire overthinking, which makes sense. They are a tad “other” in the wardrobe world. At least they are in my Northface and yoga pants obsessed corner of the world. But, they don’t need to be. If you think of it as any other coat you can easily integrate it into your rotation of clothing without having to do any sort of wardrobe algebra. Now go out and wear all the capes!


Cape: Hannah’s | Shirt: Olan Rogers Supply | Pants: Torrid | Shoes: Torrid | Hat: Boohoo


Everyone Needs a Tulle Skirt and This Is Why | Hannah x Kristina

Outfit: pink tulle skirt, striped crop top, denim jacket, vintage pins, thrifted teal shoes, purple hair, red lipstick

If there’s something a tulle skirt doesn’t match, I have yet to find it. Neither has Kristina, who let me take her tulle skirt for a spin.

Let me just say, I absolutely adore it! A tulle skirt is now on my own thrifting wish list and here’s why:

  • It’s perfect. ‘Nuff said.

Outfit: striped crop top, denim jacket, vintage pins, purple hair, red lipstick Outfit: pink tulle skirt, striped crop top, denim jacket, vintage pins, thrifted teal shoes, purple hair, red lipstick Outfit details: pink tulle skirt and thrifted teal shoes

But really, I had so much fun dressing up in this skirt. I styled it a few different ways but this was my favorite because it was the outfit I wore for my 25th birthday back in March.

Despite not having taken a ballet lesson since the age of 4, something about this skirt brought it all back to me. I was definitely twirling all day and I think this skirt is the culprit. (Or it was all the cake and ice-cream I was hopped up on!)

But because I’m a grown-up now, I wanted to style this skirt in a grown-up way. I went with a striped crop top, colorful shoes, and my trusty denim jacket decked out in vintage buttons. This girly-girl meets tomboy look is killin’ me!

Outfit: pink tulle skirt, striped crop top, denim jacket, vintage pins, thrifted teal shoes, purple hair, red lipstick Outfit details: striped multi-colored crop top, denim jacket decked out in thrifted vintage pins and buttons Outfit: pink tulle skirt, striped crop top, denim jacket, vintage pins, thrifted teal shoes, purple hair, red lipstick

Outfit details: Skirt, borrowed from Kristina – Everything else, thrifted

If you’re on the fence about buying a tulle skirt, just scroll through this blog post again and tell yourself to just go do it.

Be sure to check out Kristina’s blog because she’s styled this skirt a plethora of ways. There’s so much inspiration to be had!

Hannah The Outfit Repeater

How They Wore It: Kristina of Eccentric Owl in a pink tulle skirt