How We Wore It: Denim

Thank you for taking a break from your Memorial Day festivities to see what we’re up to! Today we’re going to share with you a round-up of outfits featuring denim, as worn by the members of Shaped By Style. From vintage inspired to modern romantic, we’ve got them all!




Noelle takes the cake for the sweetest outfit of the bunch. Her “Candy Shop” series included this look with high waisted denim shorts and a colorful top to sweeten things up. To get treated to more of this outfit, click here to visit The Classy Junk blog.



If modern romance is your thing, then Lyndsey has the outfit for you. She balanced out her basic dark wash jeans with a flirty floral top and then made our hearts melt by featuring her sweet pup in her photos. Gush over this outfit on Lyndsey’s blog by clicking here.

Kristina |

kristina-eccentric-owl-denim-outfit-inspirationIf anyone can take a vintage aesthetic and make it work with modern pieces, Kristina can! She’s all vintage bombshell on top and ’50s greaser on the bottom. Overall, this is one happenin’ look, daddi-o! Get the deets of this outfit on Eccentric Owl by clicking here.


emily-bread-roses-vintage-denim-outfit-inspirationIf you think denim only comes in the form of pants, think again! Emily shows us that denim can be made into anything, even a dress. While this wasn’t one of Emily’s sewing creations, this outfit does have her personal touch with details like a wide black belt and nude wedges. Do yourself a favor and view this look in it’s full form on Emily’s blog, Breads and Roses Vintage.

Hannah The Outfit Repeater

hannah-outfit-repeater-denim-outfit-inspirationAs for me, I took double denim to a whole new level when I rolled out my “Fashion Flashback” series. My outfit was copied straight from the pages of a 1970’s magazine. The only change from then and now is my far out hair color. If you’d like to see more of this look, click here to go back in time on The Outfit Repeater.

What’s your favorite denim outfit inspiration? We’d love to know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and have a great start to your summer!


Leopard and Stripes | Shaped by Stripes

Leopard and Stripes | shapedbystyle.wordpress.comLeopard and Stripes |

Happy April! This month, all of us Shaped by Style gals are going to share our own take on an accordion pleat black (or navy) and white striped skirt. Now, we’re not swapping these skirts, we just all happen to have one – well, okay, maybe a few of us hurriedly thrifted one after this idea was born – and we are excited to start this series in April titled “Shaped by Stripes.”

While we are already going along the theme of swapping the same garment amongst ourselves to share how we can style it, this is the first time we will all have the exact same garment to style! I like to think of this series as our own version of the Little Black Dress, except instead, it’s the Little Striped Skirt.

Leopard and Stripes |

For myself, I definitely love color and pattern mixing, and if I had a floral shirt I would have paired floral with these stripes. But, I think leopard print shoes and a polka dot headband make up for the lack of flowers pretty well. This headscarf was actually a little gift from Hannah!

And, since I love color, I had to add something bright. This almost neon yellow shirt is always my go-to when I want something super saturated.

Leopard and Stripes | shapedbystyle.wordpress.comLeopard and Stripes |

Accordion pleat skirts can sometimes be a bit scary, I think; they like to hug your curves, which can be good and bad, depending on the day. This particular skirt was actually once a dress – a really ugly one — that I snagged at the thrift store for a dollar simply because I thought it was outrageous. I’m glad I did, too! After hacking off the top entirely, it made a really great skirt and basically birthed this whole series!

Leopard and Stripes | Leopard and Stripes | shapedbystyle.wordpress.comLeopard and Stripes |

If you want to join us this month and wear your OWN striped skirt (or dress; hey, we don’t mind some variation!) please comment with your post link, tag our Facebook Page, Twitter, or Instagram (all @Shapedbystyle) or use the hashtag #shapedbystripes to show us what you wore! We want to round up all the gorgeous ladies who join us to share their own striped garments and showcase your beautiful selves at the end of the month in a round up post! And if you write a blog post, be sure to copy+paste this banner into your post!Shaped By Stripes

Until then, I hope you have a beautiful Monday.

Kristina |

How We Wore It: Maxi Skirts

Hello all! Emily here with a look at how the ladies of Shaped by Style have rocked maxi dresses and skirts.



Kimono Style Swap Post ft Lyndsey of Dressed in Mascara

Lyndsey brought an elegant and Asian-inspired style to her black lace maxi with a kimono she swapped with Hannah. Catch the full post here.

Kimono Style Swap Post ft Lyndsey of Dressed in Mascara



Justine keeps it cool and casual with this bright lace top, khaki maxi and tan sandals as part of her Workwear Wednesdays series. Check out the full post here.


Kristina |


Kristina looks like a fairy tale princess in this vintage goddess gown. See the whole post here.


Hannah The Outfit Repeater


Hannah showed off two looks in one with this chic knit maxi. The look is understated with a statement necklace and flat sandals — or watch it really pop when she adds a bright pink moto jacket (see the full post here):




Noelle created a dreamy, ethereal look with rich accents for a Style Imitating Art post inspired by a beautiful mural (full post here).




I went with a boho feel for this tribal-print strapless maxi dress and actually tried out a few different looks (see the whole post here).


What’s your favorite way to rock a maxi?


How We Wore It: Valentine’s Day

Shaped by Style

It’s February, the month of love, so today I’m showcasing our Valentines’ day styles!h



Hannah wore the perfect sweater for this holiday: heart print! I love how sweet this outfit is while still being a bit unconventional in the colors with its black skirt and dark tights. It’s the perfect mix of romantic and edgy. See the rest of her post here: Sweethearts





Emily’s darling daughter got in on the Valentine’s day action as they wore matching black, white, and red outfits. How fantastic are Emily’s shoes, by the way? Seriously, so good! See the rest of her post here: Toddler Tuesdays: Early Valentines




Justine’s look was not specifically for Valentine’s day, but this bombshell red dress would be the perfect holiday dress, don’t you think? She looks amazing in the peplum style, and those leopard print shoes are a spot-on accessory! (pun totally intended.) See the rest of her post here: The Dress That Taught Me Two Lessons





Lyndsey was ever classic and beautiful in chevron stripes! I think Lyndsey looks amazing in red, and she should wear it like all the time. I’m always inspired by her makeup, too; how perfect is that red lip?! See the rest of her post here: Red Chevron Valentine





As for myself, I recently thrifted this amazing pastel pink tulle skirt — something I never thought I would actually wear, funny enough — and it is perfect for Valentine’s day! I actually styled this outfit differently the first time, and ended up re-doing it because the first iteration wasn’t quite what I had envisioned. See the rest of my post here: A Tale of Two Outfits


And that’s it for Valentine’s day! Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments what you would wear for the day of chocolate and flowers… oh yeah, and I guess love, too. ;)

How We Wore It: Plaid

Emily here to bring you another in a series of occasional posts showing how the women of Shaped by Style wore a particular style, trend or look.


Today I’m showcasing plaid — a versatile print that we’ve worn many different ways. Here are some of my favorites:


Hannah showed us two ways to wear a classic plaid button-down when she first introduced herself to this group:


I love these colors on Hannah, no matter what length her hair is! Read more of her introduction post here: Hannah | The Outfit Repeater



Justine featured this fun take on a classic workwear look, the red plaid button-down, just the other day:


Plaid + polka dots is always a win in my book! See more of Justine’s look here: Menswear?! (Workwear Wednesday)



Even though Skye’s shrunken shirtdress took center stage in this post, I couldn’t help noticing the subtle plaid of the dress underneath:


These pastel tones against the brick building and snowy ground are so lovely. See more here: What do you do with a shrunken shirtdress?



kEver since I saw Kristina’s self-drafted gingham plaid circle skirt, I’ve been longing for one of my own:


And as always, her accessories are right on point — I love the way the colors of this outfit harmonize with the colors around her, too! See more here: Gingham circle skirt, ice cream print, and a cherry on top



For myself, I’m throwing it back to a look from a few years ago where I tried to make a plaid baby-doll dress look office-appropriate:


I’m not sure if I look professional, but I do love the muted colors of this dress — time to dust it off and wear it again one of these days!

What’s your favorite way to wear plaid — casual, dressy, vintage- or menswear-inspired? Let us know in the comments — we love to hear from you!

How We Wore It: Sequins

We’re all swept up in the glitz of the holiday season and, whether we have parties to go to or not, are jazzing up our ensembles with sequins like never before.

If this post doesn’t inspire you to sparkle, I don’t know what will!


Kristina is a shining (pun intended!) example that sequins don’t have to be for parties, or even Christmas at all! She mixes sequins & floral together like a pro for her outfit. Does anyone else want to copy this look ASAP or is it just me?

See more: Breaking the Rules





Justine looks ravishing in red! She picked out a dress in a festive color and kept the rest of her outfit neutral. What a great way to let a bold color standout.

See more: Holiday Sparkle from Poshmark




Emily is the best at taking style risks and trying new things. Here she tried out a sequined blazer from Hannah and is rocking it so hard!

See more: Sequined blazer + leaf print dress




Hannah is wearing head-to-toe sequins. While this may be a lot of look, she kept the color pallette very simple so it wouldn’t be overwhelming. Her pink hair and red lip clutch are cute accessories that keep this outfit looking young & fun.

See more: Styled in Sequins




Lyndsey sure knows how to wow us. Would you get a load of her decked-out sequin belt? Her whole outfit is beautiful but the belt takes it another party-ready level.

See more: Sequin Soiree // Outfit






What’s your favorite way to wear sequins? Let us know in the comments!


How We Wore It: Halloween Costumes

Hello, friends! Hannah here to help with your Halloween costume search. It can seem like a daunting task to find your perfect Halloween costume. The struggle is so real.

With 13 days left until Halloween, the Shaped By Style girls are here to share with you our favorite non-store bought costumes from Halloween pasts. Hopefully they will inspire you to dig through your closet and see costume potential in your everyday clothes.


Kristina dresses with such whimsy in her everyday life that it makes sense for her costumes to be filled with just as much fun and imagination. Her take on the Queen of Hearts, from Alice in Wonderland, is such a scream!

It’s simple to recreate for yourself with lots of fanciful red clothes and killer hair & makeup skills.

Get a closer look of Kristina’s costume on her blog, if you dare.


Hannah took inspiration from something we probably look at everyday – tv! This costume was inspired by the ’90s super villain Carmen Sandiego of Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego fame.

Wearing a bold red lip wasn’t much of a departure from her everyday outfits which made this costume easy to put together.

Track down this costume on The Outfit Repeater.



Skye has an eye for weird & wonderful clothes which is why it makes sense that her costume is the Mad Hatter. (Her and Kristina should trick’or’treat together, eh?)

She completely captured the over-the-top personality of the Hatter and was still true to her personal style.

View this costume in all it’s glory by clicking here.


Snapshot - 15

Deer Lyndsey, your makeup skills never cease to amaze us. Signed, everyone.

You know what makes this beautiful deer look better? The fact that Lyndsey made a step-by-step video tutorial so you can get this same face. Watch the full video on Dressed in Mascara.

Snapshot - 9

What are you going to be for Halloween? We’d love to know what costume you’re scheming. Also, let us know in the comments if there is a future pattern, look, or style you’d like to see covered in the next How We Wore It Post. Have a great week and a Happy Halloween!

shaped by style9

Hannah Signature

How We Wore It: Stripes

Happy Monday! It’s Kristina, and today I’m adding to our series of occasional posts showing how the women of Shaped by Style wore a particular style, trend or look. I thought I’d showcase how we all wear one of the most timeless patterns known to woman: stripes!


As I trawled through everyone’s archives for stripey outfits, I was surprised by how colorful our stripes were! In the back of my mind, I’ve always associated “stripes” with “black and white” even though I have quite a few striped tops that are colors, but I love how the variety of looks showcase everything from timeless to casual to outlandish!
Emily Signature



Emily’s stripes are rainbow-colored, and I love how she pulled colors from her sweater to accessorize and brighten up the look! Pairing the striped top with a white skirt keeps it classic and timeless, while the colorful stripes add a bit of whimsy to her look.


You can see more of her outfit here.


Rebecca went with florals and stripes — a mix dear to my heart! — and added a gorgeous plum colored bag and the perfect pair of sandals to compliment the colors in her dress. I love how classic this look is!


While she’s moved to a new blog, you can see the rest of Rebecca’s look on her Pinterest board, here.

Hannah Signatureteal-red-eshakti-outfit-01

Hannah’s stripes — more colorful ones! — paired perfectly with a textured mint green skirt, and those FLATS, you guys! I love how she combined red and green without coming off as too Christmassy (even though she could have gotten away with that in this snowy setting!)


You can see the rest of Hannah’s outfit here.

Skye SIgnaturecircus-ix

In her signature brazenly colorful and kitschy style, which I adore, Skye styled the most fantastic striped dress I have ever seen with equally colorful and amazing accessories. Including a purple hat, a rainbow striped bag, a cape, and a fantastic brooch. It’s the most fun striped look I’ve ever seen, and makes me want to get myself a colorful striped dress!


You can see the rest of Skye’s look here.


Ever classic and feminine, Lyndey’s stripes are chevrons (those totally count!) and I LOVE the necklace she added to complete her look! With a wide belt and some pretty silver studded flats, this is such a wearable, pretty, and easy outfit!


You can see the rest of Lyndsey’s look here.

Kristina Signature56-683x1024

And last of all, I wore stripes back when I was a few months pregnant with Evie, in the aforementioned all black and white that I usually associate them with, and mixed three different patterns. Which seems to be my go-to. I love every piece in this outfit, and how versatile the pieces are! Plus, polka dots, which as you know we are all addicted to and have already covered in this post.


You can see the rest of my look here.

Is there a pattern, look, or style you’d like to see covered in the next How We Wore It post? Let us know in the comments!

How We Wore It: Polka Dots

This is part of a series of occasional posts showing how the women of Shaped by Style wore a particular style, trend or look. Today we’re taking on polka dots, a print that’s near and dear to many of our hearts!

Shaped by Style polka dot collage

If we could crown a Queen of Polka Dots, I think it would be a draw between Skye and Kristina, so we’ll start with two looks from them that I really enjoyed:

I love everything about this outfit — the mix of colors, of prints, the hat, the full sleeves of the blouse, the purse, the umbrella as accessory.

See more of Skye’s post here.

I love the way different prints can make a black-and-white outfit look so dynamic and creative! Kristina has featured this oversized-dot tee in a lot of her posts, and it looks terrific here with a gingham pencil skirt and head scarf.

See more of Kristina’s post here.

Doesn’t Hannah look chic in this polka dot romper? Tan + white is such a classic combo. And, I’m dying over the pretty little fascinator she made:

You can see more of Hannah’s post here:

Lyndsey always features such pretty, feminine looks, and this one is no exception. I love how this look perfectly blends modern and retro influences in a way that is truly timeless.

See more of Lyndsey’s post here.

This (somewhat) subtle combination of polka dots and florals was one of my first forays into print-mixing, and as you can tell by my big smile, I was happy with the way it turned out. (Note to self: I should wear this blouse more often!) I love the way pale polka dots can fade into a muted hue at a distance, but pop brightly up close.

You can read more of my post here.

What print, style or look would you like to see us feature in our next “How We Wore It” post? Leave your comment below to let us know!

How We Wore It | Florals

This is the first in a series of occasional posts showing how the women of Shaped by Style wore a particular style, trend or look. Today we’re taking on floral prints: 

5 ways to wear floral prints

Kristina Signature

Kristina says: “My favorite way to wear florals is to mix them with pretty much any other pattern. I’ve done polka dots several different times (seriously, a lot), heart print, “animal (giraffes)” prints, graphic print tees (does that count as a pattern? sure!) and… well, you get the picture. Since about 50% of my closet is floral, it’s kind of hard not to use them as one of my neutrals!”

See more: Silver Propet shoes, florals, and stripes

Stitch Fix Donna Morgan floral print dress and Mystree striped cardiganReb

Rebecca says: “Inspired by one of my favorite fashion bloggers I decided to step outside my comfort zone and play with some vibrant pattern mixing by pairing this floral dress with the striped cardigan.”

See more: Bright florals and stripes

Pattern mixing & Zad statement necklace via Stitch Fix

Hannah SignatureHannah says: “I chose to style up this adorable floral romper for spring. Layers are essential for in-between weather so I went with a nod to Colonel Sanders with a collared shirt and fancy DIY bow tie. Luckily I turned out prettier than him!”

See more: Rompin’ in a Floral Romper

Lyndsey Signature

It’s weird that I only have a handful of floral things in my closet, but I absolutely love anything floral related! I especially love it when it comes to stationary and home decor. Don’t even get me started about my floral notebook collection!

 See more: You’re The Floral to My Peplum

tulip print top 1

Emily Signature

Emily says: “I love how florals become something different when they’re simplified or abstracted. I have been wearing this tulip-and-polka-dot top with everything this spring — the print is unusual, but the fact that it’s black-and-white makes it feel “safe” to play with.”

See more: When in Doubt: Vintage polka dot top + red skinnies

tulip print top collage