Poppy Pleats | Lyndsey x Hannah

IMG_8982Lyndsey here! Wait… haven’t I shared Hannah’s kimono already? Well, yes, but it’s SO CUTE I had to remix it up on last time before saying goodbye to it. and yes, it is totally similar to the last time I posted it but you know what? This version is more me. Sweeter. Girlier. Taking the photos was pretty bad- it was streaking lightening and getting dark when I took these photos.. and our dying, leafless plum tree behind me just adds to the creepiness. Thanks mother nature! Lol.IMG_8976IMG_8993This butterfly necklace is one of my favorite purchases here lately. I have a serious thing for butterflies, always have, so I’ve been wearing it almost constantly lately. I really recommend buying sentimental jewelry for yourself sometimes. I’ve never done this before but I’ve just started doing it recently. I always wanted to wait for someone to gift me something like this, but then I was like you know what? I’m doing this for me. You should try it sometime.IMG_8978IMG_9015IMG_8967Also, I had this pleat skirt in a hamper back in my closet for months, y’all. I forgot I even HAD this skirt!? I’m so happy to say it’s back in action an you’ll be seeing it around again! I don’t usually like the way pleats look on my curves, but this is that *one* exception.

Hannah’s poppy kimono
Thrifted black pleat skirt & red top
Payless black flats
Amazon butterfly necklace
Gifted gold rings from hubby
Claires gold stud earrings
Wet n Wild lipstick “Stoplight Red”

Have a great August! <3



Polkadots & Paint-Swatch | Lyndsey x Hannah

IMG_5874Lyndsey, here! Today has just been “one of those days”. Events from today included: my prescriptions having to be specially ordered in, a total blackout in all our local restaurants, spilling chocolate ice-cream all over this skirt (& frantically scrubbing it out), finding out my camera was dead & having to wait for it to charge, forgetting to pay a $10 bill & a debt collector mails to inform me it’s about to go onto my credit report (don’t worry, I paid it immediately).. it’s been nothing but a bunch of “aw, crap!” moments.. lol!IMG_5978IMG_5909Untitled-1Anyway, this outfit is one is such a cheery one that today can’t keep me down! I thrifted this skirt last week and it totally reminds me of little paint swatches. Some of the “swatches” on the skirt happen to be the same tan color that perfectly matches Hannah’s adorable polkadot top, so they were destined to be paired!IMG_5946IMG_5862IMG_6010
Hannah’s polkadot top
CitiTrends white tank
Thrifted skirt
Payless gold glitter flats
Gifted owl earrings from Hannah (Walmart)
Gifted gold hoop earrings from Grandmother

Gifted gold rings from hubby

Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself to be cheery in weird situations, but just remember that bad days/mishaps/mistakes/moments don’t make a bad life! There’s always something to smile about! XOXO

Blush Floral and Stripes | Shaped by Stripes

Lyndseystripes5Hey hey hey! Lyndsey here! Who else is insanely excited about our Shaped by Stripes feature this April!? I know I love seeing how these gorgeous gals can remix a garment so many interesting ways. Click to see Kristina’s post and Hannah’s post!

This blush, floral top just so happens to have splotches of the exact navy that’s in my skirt (holy coinkydink), so I couldn’t see myself NOT pairing it with it! I planned on wearing this to work at the library last Tues, but I decided to switch to jeans at the last minute. For me, it’s more practical to wear jeans when bending down and shelving books because a) I’m so freaking tall and b) successfully avoiding skirt-tucked-in-the-butt-crack. Any other day though, this would’ve been worn happily with no ragrets. (Bonus points if you get the movie reference)!Lyndseystripes1Lyndseystripes4Lyndseystripes6OUTFIT DETAILS:
TJ Maxx floral blouse
Thrifted navy striped skirt
Antique shop gold elephant necklace
Owl earrings from Hannah
Target gold diamond studs

Payless gold glitter flats
Gifted gold rings from hubby <3Lyndseystripes3Lyndseystripes7If you would like to be a part of our Shaped by Stripes and be FEATURED ON THE BLOG (!!!!) in our roundup post at the end of the month, please don’t hesitate to include yourself! Copy + paste this cute little banner into your blog post, comment with your post link, tag our Facebook Page, Twitter, or Instagram (all @Shapedbystyle) or use the hashtag #shapedbystripes to show us what you wore!
Shaped By Stripes

Until next time loves! XOXO

Gray & Red | Lyndsey x Emily x Noelle

IMG_2793Hello beautiful ladies! We hope you had a gorgeous, happy, beautiful Easter!! I was so excited to share a restyle of Noelle’s chevron skirt that I couldn’t stand myself. I tried waiting for Justine to post it on her version before I posted again, but I couldn’t resist! Emily’s vintage red scarf added the perfect contrasting pattern to tie the whole outfit together. I don’t know if we’ve ever done a double swap post before (featuring 2 swapped items from 2 gals!), but I’m gonna say I’m the first to do it! ;PIMG_2799Untitled-1 copyIMG_2812If you’ve been a follower of this group for a while now, you might have realized that our girls are subject to change their hair. From crazy hair colors, to pink haired mamas, to trimming our own bangs, to adding streaks of blonde! While I love having long hair, it had gotten to the point where it was stringy more than pretty and was very flat. So, I went in for a chop and asked for 6 inches of it whacked off. I was SO over it y’all! If you go to my blog, you can see my most recent outfit post where I’ve gotten a new-do’. It’s so much lighter and has it’s crazy volume again (I always want Dolly-Parton-wig-volume in my bangs)! It’s not the biggest change in the world, but it’s crazy how something so simple can make you feel like a million bucks. I plan on going back in and adding a lot more blonde this June, so stay tuned to see what happens next in my own hair adventures! ;PIMG_2874

Heels vs Height: A Forbidden Love Between A Tall Woman and Her Longing To Wear High-Heeled Shoes

IMG_3009Hey, it’s Lyndsey here! Y’all might know me as the sweet, southern girl that occasionally posts around here or as the blogger of Dressed in Mascara, but one thing you might not know about me is that I’m a pretty tall gal. 6 feet to be exact. My height is one of the biggest features I have (literally) and it’s also one of the hardest to accept. I’m an introvert. I don’t wish to constantly seek stares and attention from strangers or completely tower over everyone. But when you’re 6 feet tall, dress stylishly, and are as fair as a porcelain doll, you’re gonna get looks and very weird criticism/compliments. Another thing you might not know about me? I have a serious addiction to high-heels. I love the way they look, the way they elongate legs and the way they make me feel more like a woman. But being a tall female and loving high-heeled shoes when you’re not on the runway is almost like a sin. This is a topic that most people never have cross their mind throughout their lifetime. But this is something that is actively involved in my daily life.

Growing up throughout school as a tall girl was hard. Middle school and high school was especially. It’s the prime of our boy crazy age, and also the age to wear high-heels to fancy events- prom, formal dances, graduation, conventions, etc. Plus, guys were insanely intimidated by my height. It was never a secret, but when guys said “You’re a sweet girl, but you’re just soooo tall..” (basically the I’m-letting-you-down-in-what-I-think-is-gentle-when-really-I’m-discriminating-a-feature-about-you-that-will-never-change comeback), it was extremely obvious. While all the shorter girls in my class bought heels for every event, I wore flats to every one. I vividly remember my mom taking me to Ross and while she sifted through the sea of flats for me, I would longingly look at high-heels, put them on my feet, embarrassed at how horribly I wobbled and stumbled when standing in them, then sadly placed them back on the shelf and walked away. It always felt as if I were a poor girl window shopping through a high dollar boutique. I thought that maybe the thought was all in my head, until I once anonymously asked in a school project of tall girls should wear heels and while one person voted yes, all the other answers were a flat no. It was very heartbreaking.. and very real.

High school. I thought maybe once I got there that the maturity factor (+ male growth spurts) would kick in and guys would think “Hey! Tall girls are sexy! They’re so good at doing tall stuff. Especially tall girls wearing heels! Now THAT’S super sexy!” Nope. Guys were still short, but not as short. Good thing I homeschooled my junior and senior year because prom would’ve been the same situation, especially since my longterm boyfriend at the moment was already shorter than I was. Go-figure.
Kimono Style Swap Post ft Lyndsey of Dressed in Mascara
On my 19th birthday I purchased my first pair of heels EVER in my whole life. They were these caged wedges from JCPenney.com. Once I got them in the mail, I strapped them on and wore them around my house (and even posted outfit photos wearing them for my blog!). My ankles and feet were SO SORE that night that I couldn’t hardly walk the next day! But I was literally so proud of myself for making that tiny baby step towards wearing high-heels. Heels made me feel feminine. They made me feel like a woman. They made me feel powerful. What woman wouldn’t be addicted to something that made them feel that way? But when I walked into the room to see my then-boyfriend now-husband had come over to surprise me, we both awkwardly looked at each other and I instantly realized how giant I felt. He didn’t even have enough time to speak a word, but my stumbling/clunking/half-falling-half-running out of the room made it loud enough for him to know my despair of realizing my worst fear. A male saw me in high-heels, which made me feel belittled to a manly, forever-doomed-to-flats giant. He chased after me, smiling and saying, yes, you are very tall, but no, you are not manly giant.

Josh has very much seen me wear heels around the house. He knows my love for them. He was/is a bit leery of the thought of me wearing heels out though, not because of how tall I am, but how weak and wobbly I walk in the things- haha. The feelings I have continually make me ask myself why do I feel so ashamed of my height? Being a tall woman does not defeminize me, and neither does choosing whether or not to wear high-heels. It’s okay to be tall and love high-heels. There are so many beautiful actresses, models, and just generally amazing women who are the same height (or taller!) than I am and still rock high-heels like it’s just another day. I do not see them as any less feminine because of their height or accentuating it, so why would I think this about myself?
Over the years, Josh has helped coaxed me to learn to love my height. He loves every inch of me, all 72 of them to be exact ;P, which has slowly made me begin to start learning to love my height for what it is, too. Learning to love my height is just the very beginning of a very long process for me. I’m not going to say I had an overnight height-loving-epiphany when I found the right guy, but it has changed me SO incredibly much.

There are moments now when I confidently try on a pair and wobbly strut down the aisle, smiling all the way like I’m on a high fashion runway. I still get embarrassed at myself for trying them on with my outfits and almost bumping my head on our 7ft door openings. Even through all of that, nothing has phased out the love I have for them. Maybe it’s just the symptoms of forbidden love, or maybe it’s a sign of something that is meant to be. ;)

I agreed to become part of this blog to push myself outside of my comfort zones when it comes to my size. To learn to be body positive and to be a voice of encouragement to those that need it just like I continually do. Each day is a new step towards appreciating the natural beauty we all were born with, so lets honor that by setting aside just one day to wear the one thing you steer clear of because of society. Got a not-flat tummy but always loved crop tops? Go for it. Short girl that just wants to wear flats? DO it. Freckled face and wanna go makeup free? YAS, GIRL. Shaped By Style is here to encourage one another and all of our beautiful readers to truly love every single thing about ourselves. That style has no size. That beauty has no boundaries. That women are beautiful creatures and were born to be loved. Lets start by loving ourselves first, then work on loving each other. <3


Chocolate, Mint, & Red | Lyndsey x Noelle

IMG_2634I think it’s very obvious to tell when I absolutely love one of my outfits. This, is one of those. I LOVED styling Noelle’s flowy, red chevron skirt!!! I pushed myself out of my styling boundaries and decided to couple red and mint together, (which I’ve been loving on everyone else for a seriously long time), but have never made it work for me. I feel like a walking mint chocolate ice-cream cone in a red chevron wrapper. It’s gotta be awesome if it makes you feel like one of your favorite foods. ;DIMG_2445IMG_2719IMG_2484Untitled-1IMG_2640OUTFIT DETAILS:
Payless red jewel necklace
Thrifted chocolate cardigan
Citi Trends mint tank
Noelle’s chevron skirt
Walmart brown leggings
Shoe Dept in Savannah cream suede boots
Belk cross earrings
Gifted gold earrings (from Grandmother), gold rings (from hubby), gifted quilted purse from Hannah

Blanket Scarf, Holiday Style | Lyndsey x Justine

IMG_20151219_174949(I’ll go ahead and apologize for the quality of these photos in advance because they’re all taken with my Galaxy s5!)
Have you guys ever worn and or even SEEN (in real life) a blanket scarf before?! Here’s a hint: they freaking HUGE. I kinda got the concept of where “blanket” comes from once I had Justine’s blanket scarf in my possession.

So how was I supposed to style this big ole gorgeous thing? Well, it took me a few tries to get it right. First, I wrapped it around me like a cape, but felt like it was too “blanket-y” to work. Then I doubled it up around my neck (more like quadrupled it ;D) and felt like I was suffocating! Finally I decided to fold it length wise 4 times and belt it over my favorite red top. Y’all. It was SO perfect! I ended up wearing this outfit 4 different times, and even on Christmas day! I received so many different compliments on this outfit, including how unique it was to belt a scarf like this. Yay!2016-01-04-01.39.40.jpg.jpeg

2016-01-04-01.41.23.jpg.jpegimg_20160104_014712.jpgOUTFIT DETAILS: Justine’s blanket scarf (handmade by her friend, Kristi!), Yard-sale red floral top, JCPenney (?) jeans, Payless tan leather boots, American Eagle wicker belt (gift), Yard-sale santa brooch, Claires filigree earrings, gifted gold rings from hubby.

Lip color: Elf Matte Lip Color in “Ravishing Red”

This outfit wouldn’t have been complete without this blanket scarf, so a huge huge HUGE thanks to Justine for letting me borrow it during the holidays!

Embroidered Oaxacan | Lyndsey x Kristina

EmbroideredSometimes being tall comes with advantages. Like when dresses hit you at wonky angles, you get crafty and figure out a way to wear them anyway. What does that have to do with what I’m wearing, you ask? Well, this top I’m wearing is actually a dress(!!), which you can see Kristina has styled so gorgeously before! Betchya would’ve never guessed if I hadn’t spilled the beans ;). Also, doesn’t this technically counts as a Dressember post too? I mean, it doesn’t look like a dress, but it’s still a dress. I’m counting it.Embroidered7Ebroidered2When I first requested this dress, I had in mind that I wanted to do something with Native American vibes to it. Now that it’s in my possession, I clearly see that this is very much a Spanish design! Either way it is beautifully crafted and I love the embroidery so much. I could literally have everything in my closet covered with embroidery and I’d be one happy gal.Embroidered5ebroidered3Outfit Details: Kristina’s vintage Oaxacan dress, JCPenney jeans, Steve Madden flats (Ross), JCPenney owl cuff & gold hoop earrings, vintage estate sale 1970s sunglasses, gifted gold rings from hubby <3.how-they-wore

15 Things You Can Thrift To Step Up Your Thanksgiving Style

Thrift For ThanksgivingWait, you mean to tell me there’s other things to worry about besides cooking food and stuffing your face and being thankful on Thanksgiving? Well, if you plan on wearing anything other than pjs or sweats, then yes. Not only will you be aggravated that you burned the green bean casserole, you’ll be in a rushed, last minute style crisis! So, I compiled a list of 15 things you can thrift to step up your Thanksgiving style (without breaking the bank)!
1. Poncho
It’s poncho/cape/blanket wrap season again! I don’t know about you, but where I live these things are possibly one of the easiest items to thrift. Tip: Keep it unique by looking for a hand crocheted/knitted poncho. Somewhere out there, a sweet grandma made that poncho in her spare time with love and warmth. Appreciate the beauty of it!
2. Scarf
Whether it be blanket, infinity, crochet, printed, plain, you name it, the possibilities are endless! Tip: Look for the huge comfy sweaters and belt it up. Once you’ve overstuffed your belly, unbelt it for a more comfortable feel, without losing style!
3. Wool Skirt
Not only are wool skirts chic, they are totally awesome at keeping you warm! Tip: Pair with tights, heels, plus a warm hued top and you have the epitome of feminine!
4. Festive Brooch
I have been on a brooch binge here lately, meaning I’ve bought probably 10 or more within the last few months. Now is the best time to find festive ones – extra bonus points if you find a cornucopia or a turkey! :P Tip: Make sure to check the locking clasps and that it is securely attached to the back of the brooch still. Don’t want that baby to fall off in your dinner plate!
5. Trench Coat
GoodWill tends to be overflowing with these, so make sure you don’t skip this section! Tip: DON’T dig around in the pockets.. unless you want to find a few old wadded (most likely used) handkerchiefs and or mystery napkins.. and other gross items. *Gag*
6. Beanie
Crochet beanies are also another easy find in a thrift store, plus they’re always trendy! Tip: Try looking amongst the *randoms* bins or bins located near socks/scarves. Also, take a tiny can of Lysol with you and *drench* that thing in it before you put it on your head to try it on. Just sayin’.
7. Anything plaid
Yep, this one explains itself. You can literally find just about anything plaid in a thrift store. Tip: Trendy plaid items = scarves, ponchos, and tops. Not so trendy = shoes, purses, hats.
8. Necklace
Necklaces are beautiful on anyone at any age. Tip: Pay attention to the neckline of whatever top you plan on wearing for the day. Go by this chart to understand which necklace goes with which neckline.
9. Turtleneck
So warm and cozy, turtlenecks are one of the best cold weather layers. Tip: Pair it with a vest and a scarf, or if it’s not as chilly in your area, wear it plain with a long, gorgeous necklace to spice it up.
10. Festive Clutch
Being with family or going to a dinner party with friends, clutches are the perfect lightweight accessory! Tip: Look for clutches with unusual patterns, shapes, or embellishments. Something unique and eye-catching is always an easy conversation starter!
11. Belt
Belts on Thanksgiving?! That must be a joke, right? Nope! You can wear a belt all you want until the food gets going. Once you’ve stuffed your little belly, pull it off or loosen it up. Simple as that. Tip: Look for leather or woven belts. They are rustic and give outfits more of a autumnal essence.
12. Sweater
Cozy, comfortable, and simply chic, sweaters will always be my favorite. Tip: Look for loose and long- drapey sweaters are gorgeous layered up or worn simply.
13. Earrings
I love thrifting jewelry, especially earrings! Find something festive or colorful to brighten up your face. Tip: If they are pierced, place the earrings in a cup of 1tsp 70%-90% rubbing alcohol + 1/3 cup boiling water to kill bacteria and germs.
14. Utility Vest (aka military/cargo)
These vests are not only chic, but super handy! Tip: Look for one that has a bunch of pockets. This way if you’re not a purse or clutch person, you’ll have plenty of space to stash your phone, keys, & other goodies close to you without the extra baggage.
15. Cardigan
Classic for all time, the cardigan. The possibilities are literally endless, so have fun with this one!
I hope you enjoyed this list and you get good use out of it! Now get your little turkey butt out there and show your family some Thanksgiving style! <3 Lyndsey

5 Lipstick Trends To Try This Fall

With Fall finally arriving (YAY!), I just couldn’t resist diving into the lipstick trends for the season. It’s time to transition from sweet Summer pinks and nudes to vampy shades and berry hues. Here’s a list of the top 5 lip trends that are skyrocketing in popularity for this Fall. **Disclaimer: None of these images are mine or claimed to be by any of the authors of Shaped By Style. I am posting them solely for the purpose of inspiration. All images are credited accordingly to their owners! Thanks for enjoying!**

  1. Vampy
    Vampy lips are all the rage this year- dark burgundy, deep crimson, and violet red have really been taking over Insta-lippies with ease. The coolest part about this beauty is the versatility- from the darkest ebony beauty to the fairest of them all, this lip trend is versatile for almost every skin tone. As a pale girl, I myself can’t wait to try these colors. via @beautycloudnl

  2. PlumA plum pout is always a good choice – especially if you want to bring out your inner 90s girl. Be cautious about which purple hue you choose though, making sure it matches the undertones of your skin. Fair skinned girls: go for the pinky/burgundy hued plums. Darker girls: choose the more brownish/gold undertones. via @lippielust

  3. Copper

    Ahhh, copper lips. I seriously love how warm and autumn-y copper tones make me feel, but there is just something about copper lips that is really striking! via @dreadfullydivine

  4. Berry & Matte
    I love a dark matte lip on just about anyone, so this one basically explains itself. If you’re nervous about trying darker colors on your skin, go for a safe color such as red or crimson. via @shannonbellemakeup

  5. Dark & Glossy If you’re really into the vampy lip trend but don’t think matte suits you- take it up a notch by adding some mega gloss. I love a good, bitten looking lip, and this one is no exception! Sexy and very wearable. via @cosmeticsobsession

What lip trends are you willing to try this year? Any favorite lipstick brands?  XOXO
Lyndsey Signature