Poppy Pleats | Lyndsey x Hannah

IMG_8982Lyndsey here! Wait… haven’t I shared Hannah’s kimono already? Well, yes, but it’s SO CUTE I had to remix it up on last time before saying goodbye to it. and yes, it is totally similar to the last time I posted it but you know what? This version is more me. Sweeter. Girlier. Taking the photos was pretty bad- it was streaking lightening and getting dark when I took these photos.. and our dying, leafless plum tree behind me just adds to the creepiness. Thanks mother nature! Lol.IMG_8976IMG_8993This butterfly necklace is one of my favorite purchases here lately. I have a serious thing for butterflies, always have, so I’ve been wearing it almost constantly lately. I really recommend buying sentimental jewelry for yourself sometimes. I’ve never done this before but I’ve just started doing it recently. I always wanted to wait for someone to gift me something like this, but then I was like you know what? I’m doing this for me. You should try it sometime.IMG_8978IMG_9015IMG_8967Also, I had this pleat skirt in a hamper back in my closet for months, y’all. I forgot I even HAD this skirt!? I’m so happy to say it’s back in action an you’ll be seeing it around again! I don’t usually like the way pleats look on my curves, but this is that *one* exception.

Hannah’s poppy kimono
Thrifted black pleat skirt & red top
Payless black flats
Amazon butterfly necklace
Gifted gold rings from hubby
Claires gold stud earrings
Wet n Wild lipstick “Stoplight Red”

Have a great August! <3