Polkadots & Paint-Swatch | Lyndsey x Hannah

IMG_5874Lyndsey, here! Today has just been “one of those days”. Events from today included: my prescriptions having to be specially ordered in, a total blackout in all our local restaurants, spilling chocolate ice-cream all over this skirt (& frantically scrubbing it out), finding out my camera was dead & having to wait for it to charge, forgetting to pay a $10 bill & a debt collector mails to inform me it’s about to go onto my credit report (don’t worry, I paid it immediately).. it’s been nothing but a bunch of “aw, crap!” moments.. lol!IMG_5978IMG_5909Untitled-1Anyway, this outfit is one is such a cheery one that today can’t keep me down! I thrifted this skirt last week and it totally reminds me of little paint swatches. Some of the “swatches” on the skirt happen to be the same tan color that perfectly matches Hannah’s adorable polkadot top, so they were destined to be paired!IMG_5946IMG_5862IMG_6010
Hannah’s polkadot top
CitiTrends white tank
Thrifted skirt
Payless gold glitter flats
Gifted owl earrings from Hannah (Walmart)
Gifted gold hoop earrings from Grandmother

Gifted gold rings from hubby

Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself to be cheery in weird situations, but just remember that bad days/mishaps/mistakes/moments don’t make a bad life! There’s always something to smile about! XOXO


2 thoughts on “Polkadots & Paint-Swatch | Lyndsey x Hannah

  1. I love your skirt. I’m so glad I read this post, this is how I have felt lately. Aw crap moments all around. You look totally adorable and I hope your day improved :)


  2. I’m sorry you had such a rough day. Sometimes, it feels like we never should have left bed, lol. At least you look adorable though :)


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