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With a quirky and unapologetically girly sense of style, I’m a chronic overdresser proving beauty is for everyone. I spend my days hiding in the bathroom to read, cursing at my sewing machine, and hanging out with my three children. I spend my nights blogging over at The Classy Junk about style, the joys of every day life, and what inspires me in this big, old world.
In years past I never would have deemed myself talented enough, pretty enough, or worthy enough to flounce around taking pictures of myself. But, my passion lies in crafting a vignette with my identity. Fashion, for me, is deeply rooted in my childhood zeal for playing dress up. Building up a character in my mind, making her whole through clothes and baubles, and relishing in being the embodiment of her is a thrill that fuels me. I’ve never grown out of dramatic play and yet I let my insecurities diminish me. But, I grew tired of being a faded version of myself to please others. This is my only life and I decided to live it for me. Body shape and beauty ideals no longer constrict me because I choose not to let them matter. If I want to be pretty, I am pretty because that’s what’s inside of me. Allowing myself to have that, doing that kindness for myself, opened my eyes to the power of positivity.

That’s when I started advocating for positivity, things that exist just for simple joy, and the celebration of all people. Beautiful things fill me with life and are the tools I use to craft my happy soul and the cool thing that I discovered is happy souls like to throwing kindness around like it’s confetti on New Year’s Eve.


My sense of style is multifaceted and I’m always finding ways to balance my quirky, colorful side with the darker, more sophisticated grown up that is emerging. Some days I want to be a little girl again in floral tea dresses and other days I want to feel like a starlet from old Hollywood in slinky, lux fabrics. But elements that will always remain constant in my style are flippy skirts, pretty prints, and things with teeny tiny little buttons.

I’m so excited to be here and start this journey with these wonderful ladies!




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