How We Wore It: Valentine’s Day

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It’s February, the month of love, so today I’m showcasing our Valentines’ day styles!h



Hannah wore the perfect sweater for this holiday: heart print! I love how sweet this outfit is while still being a bit unconventional in the colors with its black skirt and dark tights. It’s the perfect mix of romantic and edgy. See the rest of her post here: Sweethearts





Emily’s darling daughter got in on the Valentine’s day action as they wore matching black, white, and red outfits. How fantastic are Emily’s shoes, by the way? Seriously, so good! See the rest of her post here: Toddler Tuesdays: Early Valentines




Justine’s look was not specifically for Valentine’s day, but this bombshell red dress would be the perfect holiday dress, don’t you think? She looks amazing in the peplum style, and those leopard print shoes are a spot-on accessory! (pun totally intended.) See the rest of her post here: The Dress That Taught Me Two Lessons





Lyndsey was ever classic and beautiful in chevron stripes! I think Lyndsey looks amazing in red, and she should wear it like all the time. I’m always inspired by her makeup, too; how perfect is that red lip?! See the rest of her post here: Red Chevron Valentine





As for myself, I recently thrifted this amazing pastel pink tulle skirt — something I never thought I would actually wear, funny enough — and it is perfect for Valentine’s day! I actually styled this outfit differently the first time, and ended up re-doing it because the first iteration wasn’t quite what I had envisioned. See the rest of my post here: A Tale of Two Outfits


And that’s it for Valentine’s day! Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments what you would wear for the day of chocolate and flowers… oh yeah, and I guess love, too. ;)


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