Blanket scarf, dress + leggings | Emily x Justine

What motivates you when you put together an outfit?


For me, it’s usually one of two ideas: 1) I want to see if I can re-create look I’ve seen/been inspired by; or 2) I want to see if I can style something in a way that’s new and different. And lately, it’s a lot more of #2. But I’ve got to admit, this blanket scarf I swapped with Justine had me stumped!


I was all confident that I could come up with a totally new way to wear a blanket scarf, that no one had ever seen or imagined! And then I returned to Earth and realized that … nope.



So I decided that, well, maybe I can’t re-invent the wheel and come up with a new way of wearing what might literally be THE most popular accessory among fashion bloggers. But! I can put my own spin on it and wear it in a way that feels a bit more “me.”


On paper, this look is very similar to the way Justine and Lyndsey have styled it. But the little details made me feel like I had managed to put a different twist on this look. I am a huge fan of scarves, and I adored wearing this great big blanket scarf all day. You can make fun of the trend all you want, but this thing was cozy. And anything that allows me to be warm and fashionable at the same time is tops on my list.


How they wore it

Thanks, Justine, for letting me snuggle up in this cuddly blanket scarf! Us upstate New Yorkers need all the warmth we can get this time of year.e



3 thoughts on “Blanket scarf, dress + leggings | Emily x Justine

  1. Ha the blanket scarf truly is one of the most difficult items to style “differently” but I absolutely love the touches you paired it with for this outfit! I think my favorite aspect of it is also how cozy it is…you can’t beat it! Nicely done :)

    <3 Justine


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