A Floral Dress With Flair | Hannah x Kristina

How about a little fashion math on this Monday morning? One floral dress + one matching long sleeved top = a whole new dress.
floral-dress-vintage-winter-hat-boots-tights-ootd-02Kristina might be surprised to see that her sleeveless summer frock grew arms since the last time I wore it! Where did they come from?? It’s actually a funny story.

Kristina posted privately on Facebook about thrifting this homemade dress, which then Emily and I (yeah, we’re all friends outside of the blog) chimed in with our own stories of owning something in a similar floral pattern. After taking a few comparison snapshots of my clothes, I found out my floral was an exact match! (My other floral garment is a vest but I think it would be overkill with this outfit, right?)

Of course I had to bring the pieces together to create an outfit because I’m just that kind of person.


I wore my floral top under the dress because it had this really great ruffle that complimented the neckline of the dress perfectly. It looked like straight up Little House On The Prairie so I tried to get away from that by creating a boho-inspired outfit. (Or maybe it’s not? Boho is so blurry to me.)

I was really feeling the vest, boots, and even the slouchy hat when I looked at the final outfit. Some dancing may have occurred because I was so excited at how it all came together…

And for any worry-warts out there who are concerned about the wellbeing of fashion bloggers – yes, I wore a coat before and after pictures, and yes I’m wearing skin colored tights. Though you’re welcome to believe I just have super pasty legs in the winter. I embrace my pale!

floral-dress-vintage-winter-hat-boots-tights-ootd-01 floral-dress-vintage-winter-hat-boots-tights-ootd-03

Outfit details: Kristina’s dress – thrifted blouse, vest, and belt – old K-Mart boot – Dollar Tree hat

So I didn’t test the waters of print mixing with this dress but I’d say I did even better.

What are the odds of two similarity patterned retro threads, thousands of miles apart, finding each other and making an awesome outfit? If that’s not fate then I don’t know what is!




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  1. That has to be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen happen in the fashion world ever! Seriously, what are the odds?! I love this entire outfit- it is one of my dream outfits for sure. I think you hit Little House on the Prairie + boho on the head perfectly! ;D


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