Gold sequined blazer + pleather leggings | Emily x Hannah

The blazer so nice, I wore it twice!


Last time I styled this glitzy sequined blazer of Hannah’s, I went full-on glam with it. But I also wanted to try a more casual look (if anything that involves gold sequins can be considered “casual”).


I added a simple gold chain and kept the rest of the outfit in neutral tones to let this brilliant blazer shine.


Note that I am deeply undecided about these boots I thrifted, because let’s face it, they’re basically proto-Uggs and that is one thing I swore I would never wear. But … they’re really warm! And comfy! And fleece-lined! So I am trying to find a few ways to wear them that aren’t awful.



But I love everything about this blazer! It’s gold, it’s sparkly, it’s cute — what’s not to love.



How they wore it

Thanks, Hannah, for letting me play with this glittery blazer once more!

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5 thoughts on “Gold sequined blazer + pleather leggings | Emily x Hannah

  1. Hmm.. I didn’t even notice that went missing from my closet again. ;)

    This outfit rocks! It reminds me of like an updated disco get-up. Totally a compliment!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater


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