Floral Dress Disguised as a Skirt | Hannah x Kristina

If wearing floral in the winter is wrong, then I don’t want to be right! But where is the actual floral dress that I borrowed from Kristina? Oh, it’s in this post; I just did a little trick to style it as a skirt.

Of course I’m sharing my tips & tricks to help you transform your clothes on the fly!


This post might have a familiar feeling to it and I can see why.

We all seem to be taking notes from one another because this outfit is very much in the vein of Emily’s post on wearing a summer dress in the winter, and Lyndsey’s post about restyling a dress. This post is like the best of both worlds!

floral-dress-beige-sweater-maroon-tights-winter-outfit-05 floral-dress-beige-sweater-maroon-tights-winter-outfit-02

Kristina previously styled this dressed with stripes and as much as I too wanted to print mix with it, I also wanted to do something completely different. This is definitely different!

The dress is shapeless, which is not a bad thing since it’s nice to lounge in, but for me I wanted to shape it up a little. First I belted it, then I tugged it up a little bit to make it a different length, and lastly I added one of my coziest sweaters to hide my work. It’s like a whole new garment for free, without any damage and in under a minute.

This makes me wonder how many other clothes in my closet are in need a 60-second makeover…

floral-dress-beige-sweater-maroon-tights-winter-outfit-03floral-dress-beige-sweater-maroon-tights-winter-outfit-01Outfit details: Skirt/dress, from Kristina – Sweater & jacket, thrifted – Tights & necklace, Walmart – Boots, Target

I wouldn’t doubt if you see this dress one more time from me with some print mixing. I found out that I have two – count ’em two – items in my closet that have this exact same floral print. It’s matchy-matchy to the extreme!





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