Blanket Scarf, Holiday Style | Lyndsey x Justine

IMG_20151219_174949(I’ll go ahead and apologize for the quality of these photos in advance because they’re all taken with my Galaxy s5!)
Have you guys ever worn and or even SEEN (in real life) a blanket scarf before?! Here’s a hint: they freaking HUGE. I kinda got the concept of where “blanket” comes from once I had Justine’s blanket scarf in my possession.

So how was I supposed to style this big ole gorgeous thing? Well, it took me a few tries to get it right. First, I wrapped it around me like a cape, but felt like it was too “blanket-y” to work. Then I doubled it up around my neck (more like quadrupled it ;D) and felt like I was suffocating! Finally I decided to fold it length wise 4 times and belt it over my favorite red top. Y’all. It was SO perfect! I ended up wearing this outfit 4 different times, and even on Christmas day! I received so many different compliments on this outfit, including how unique it was to belt a scarf like this. Yay!2016-01-04-01.39.40.jpg.jpeg

2016-01-04-01.41.23.jpg.jpegimg_20160104_014712.jpgOUTFIT DETAILS: Justine’s blanket scarf (handmade by her friend, Kristi!), Yard-sale red floral top, JCPenney (?) jeans, Payless tan leather boots, American Eagle wicker belt (gift), Yard-sale santa brooch, Claires filigree earrings, gifted gold rings from hubby.

Lip color: Elf Matte Lip Color in “Ravishing Red”

This outfit wouldn’t have been complete without this blanket scarf, so a huge huge HUGE thanks to Justine for letting me borrow it during the holidays!


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  1. I loveeeee the famous blanket scarf on you! I laughed out loud at the first paragraph…I, too, was shocked to find out that a blanket scarf is literally blanket sized! But truly, from the lipstick to the adorable Santa pin to the cute belt, this look is so freaking cute. Nice job, girl!

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