Vintage cape + floral maxi skirt | Emily x Kristina

Sometimes when you see an item at the thrift store, you just HAVE to buy it even though it’s completely impractical and you have no idea when/how you will wear it. Enter this red cape:


My feeling about clothes is that you have to follow your heart. I know some people might get a lot of joy out of a wardrobe that’s totally utilitarian, practical and predictable. But not me.


That’s why a) I snatched up this vintage red knit cape the moment I saw it; and b) I begged Kristina to let me borrow this skirt after she posted her first outfit pics with it.


In fact, I was so enamored of this skirt that I styled it twice (scroll down to see a pic from my previous post). This print just made me smile, and I couldn’t help but pair it with another bright, primary color.


I usually avoid outfits that don’t have a defined waistline (or at least a narrowed point in the torso, like an empire waist). But I really enjoyed the drama of combining the A-line skirt with the sweeping cape.


How they wore it


Thanks, Kristina, for letting me play with this fun wrap skirt, and for sharing some great looks with my red cape!

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