Secret Santa Gift Exchange Reveal

Merry Christmas Eve!

This year, the girls of Shaped By Style participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a fun way to give gifts in a group setting. We each drew a name at random (thanks, internet!), shopped for another member in the group with a $5 limit, and then snail-mailed our presents to one another. None of us knew who our “secret Santa” was until the presents arrived in the mail. Pretty cool, huh?

The gifts have all been delivered, just in time for Christmas, and now we can show you what everybody got and who they got it from.

Emily was sent a stash of fabrics (I can’t wait to see what she does with them) and a delicious jar of homemade vanilla lip scrub, which is perfect for the impending winter. The Secret Santa behind her gift was Justine!

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Hannah received a pretty mint green sweater that perfectly complimented her pink hair. This gift was a stylish surprise from Kristina!

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Lyndsey received items wrapped up in winter-y paper that turned out to be a white quilted purse, a lipstick charm, and two vintage photo albums. Her Secret Santa was Hannah!

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Kristina was gifted a bunch of goodies for both her and her baby girl. Included were a couple sets of jewelry, a handmade infinity scarf, and the sweetest strawberry hat I’ve ever seen. Her Secret Santa was the very crafty Lyndsey!

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Some of our members are noticeably missing from this post because, unfortunately, their gifts did not arrive in time. This post will be updated when/if they do!

Were you able to guess who bought each present without reading the descriptions? It’s awesome how thoughtful each gift was and how it truly reflects the recipient.

Thank you for joining in on our Secret Santa fun. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!




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