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Why am I wearing pastels in December? I promise, I’ve got a good reason — two of them, actually.


Reason No. 1: It’s not winter yet in upstate New York.


Let the record show that I am NOT complaining. I am a summer-lover; there is not much I like about cold, snowy weather (and typically we get plenty of that here in NY). But it is a tad weird. I didn’t wear a jacket today. In December. In the Northeast. Just sayin’.


Reason No. 2: I just kicked off a fashion challenge I am co-hosting with a friend, and our first prompt was pastels.


This was a great challenge for me, because I don’t usually gravitate toward lighter colors, so it was fun to see what I could put together.


For my first pastel outfit, I chose this mint dress, which is one of my swap items for this group, paired with a blush top with ruffled shoulders. And I couldn’t resist getting all matchy-matchy with a collar necklace I picked up recently at the Salvation Army thrift store. I added dark tights and neutral shoes to bring the whole thing together. I love adding a long-sleeved top under sleeveless dresses to give them new life during the winter (which, usually, in my neck of the woods is like half the year). What are some of your tricks for styling “summery” clothes in colder weather?



I’m looking forward to sharing this pretty and feminine dress with someone else in this group to see how they style it! If you want to play along with my fashion challenge, check out my Instagram at @breadandrosesvintage.

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5 thoughts on “Teal dress + ruffle top | Emily

  1. I really love the colors you put together for this look–totally inspiring! And I’m with you on the weird weather in upstate New York…it’s ridiculous, but I’m not complaining either ;) You look lovely in this dress!


  2. I would love to see how you style it! It’s a fun dress but I realized after wearing it that it is actually pretty short – so tights are a help :) I look for any excuse I can to wear this ruffle-shoulder top because it is really fun, but tough to pair with things.


  3. Ooh, I love how you styled it, and I might need to borrow that next! It’s such a cute dress!
    Also: we are JUST feeling the actual winter weather here so I totally get you about feeling weird not wearing a coat. It seems like summer and fall hung on FOREVER.


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