Houndstooth Blanket Scarf & Liquid Leggings | Hannah x Justine

Happy Monday! Those are rarely two words you seen in the same sentence, huh?

What’s not to like today? First, I’m borrowing a stellar blanket scarf from Justine (the newest member of Shaped By Style) and this is my first time participating in Dressember.

Houndstooth Blanket Scarf & Liquid Leggings | Hannah x Justinegray-sweatshirt-dress-houndstooth-blanket-scarf-ootd-04

How have I gone so long without taking part in Dressember?

While most of us are only participating strictly for our OOTD posts on here, I have found myself subconsciously reaching for dresses more often despite that. I’m a big supporter of dressing with a cause and I feel like Dressember is a great one to get behind.

Just a reminder that you can view and/or donate to our fundraiser page here.

gray-sweatshirt-dress-houndstooth-blanket-scarf-ootd-05 gray-sweatshirt-dress-houndstooth-blanket-scarf-ootd-06 gray-sweatshirt-dress-houndstooth-blanket-scarf-ootd-01

It might be hard to tell, but under all that bulky jacket is actually a really comfy gray dress that is essentially a sweatshirt with a drawstring. I don’t know who would donate it to a thrift store but I’m really glad they did!

It made for a great base to add on to. Besides the blanket scarf from Justine (my first blanket scarf at that!) I also wore these sweet liquid leggings, my trusty heeled booties, and the aforementioned bulky winter jacket.

Full disclosure: I totally did not want to take my jacket off but I also didn’t want you to miss out on actually seeing my outfit. That’s kinda the point of a fashion blog, amirite? This picture is for you!


Outfit details – Sweater dress, purse & coat, thrifted – Leggings, old ASOS buy – Booties, old K-Mart buy – Scarf, borrowed from Justine

So maybe this wasn’t the most innovative way to wear a blanket scarf but it’s certainly the warmest way. Thanks for letting me try out this trend, Justine!

How they wore it: houndstooth blanket scarf Justine of The Thrifty Girl's Guide



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  1. Love this outfit, Hannah! I love that this scarf can go with so many different items and I really like what you picked. The liquid leggings are such a nice touch and I love the olive jacket with the houndstooth pattern, too. Well done ;)


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