Sequined blazer + leaf print dress | Emily x Hannah

Since the holiday season is upon us, I thought I’d bring you a party-ready, luxe look featuring Hannah’s very glam sequined blazer.


Real talk: I always read about “holiday parties” as an excuse for dressing up in sequins and furs, but I have literally never been to a party like that! In fact, I don’t go to a lot of parties, period. The last “party” I went to was in my living room with my 3-year-old daughter. We danced around to Fugazi with a couple of her stuffed animals and she said, “Mama, I like this shouting music!” This is about as wild as my life gets, folks.


But here’s my thing: I’m not waiting around for someone to invite me to party to put on the sparkles and bows. Life’s too short. Instead, I just use “holiday party season” as an excuse to get all decked out, because it’s just plain fun to do it.


I have seriously mixed feelings about the fact that it’s once again tights season in upstate New York. On the one hand, tights make almost any outfit more interesting. You can wear the most boring or plain dress and shoes, and then POW orange tights, and your look just got kicked up a notch. (In fact, Hannah just had a whole blog post about that very thing!) On the other hand, after wearing tights at work all day, I literally want to rip them off my body and set them on fire.


But I don’t mind suffering — a little bit — for fashion.


Speaking of suffering (how do you like that segue?), I’m happy to announce that Shaped by Style is joining the campaign for women’s dignity by supporting Dressember. You can read more about the Dressember Foundation here, and if you support the organization’s goals, please consider making a donation to our fundraising page.


How they wore it


Thanks, Hannah, for letting me get all glammed up in your sequined blazer! And please consider supporting our Dressember fundraising effort.

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