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Howdy, Shaped by Style readers!

I go by Justine and I blog over on The Thrifty Girl’s Guide. I adore bargains, thrift shopping, polka dots, country music, Taylor Swift, coffee & giggling and sarcasm. I live in beautiful western New York where I have the pleasure of experiencing all four lovely seasons of the year through my outfits, recipes, DIY projects and much more on my blog.

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Here’s the most important fact you should know about me: I was born and still am a hybrid of a cautious penny pincher and a raging shopaholic (with a fondness for hyperbole). Life is all about balance, right?!

I strike this balance by showing my readers (aka my frands!) how to save, negotiate or otherwise snag the best deal while still enjoying shopping for what you both want and need. There is truly no greater joy for me than helping you save money.

And speaking of the realms of shopping, one area of my blog that has evolved over the years is sharing my style! I honestly think 7 year-old me, heck, even 19-year-old me, would die of laughter if she knew that I was posting about my own style for people to see.

Dat uniform life

For the majority of my schooling years, (first grade through high school) uniforms were my life. Aka I had to literally make no decisions about clothing nine months out of the year, and summer break clothing was always shorts and a t-shirt.

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What this translates to is a girl whose idea of style was nonexistent; clothing was for function, not fashion.

Losing the uniform security blanket

Losing the security blanket of my uniform during college was tough! I had little “non-school” clothing, so I slowly began to shop, acquiring mostly jeans, hoodies and sweatpants (I had to fit in with the stereotypical college look, after all). And so that became my “uniform,” so to speak.

I can count on one hand the number of days I wore a dress or skirt during college. My focus was on my classes, having fun with my friends, and enjoying life in college, not on how I looked. I also rarely wore makeup, having come from four blissful, non-judgmental years at an all-girls high school, but that’s a topic for another day :)

Dressing professionally?! Me?

After I graduated and landed my first real job at a not-for-profit organization, I had deja vu when I, again, lost the security blanket of my college “uniform” and needed to start accumulating a professional wardrobe. Let’s just put it this way-I’ve been at my job nearly four years and I have maybe 10 items from when I first started. I was clueless when it came to dressing professionally!

Around this time, I also got really into thrift shopping, using Pinterest and following fashion bloggers. And that’s how I actually started to hone and develop my own style, both personally and professionally!

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There’s no shortage of inspiring style out there, and I’m thrilled that I can be sharing my own style with YOU! Until next time :)

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7 thoughts on “Justine | The Thrifty Girl’s Guide

  1. You and I sound really alike in our young years — I didn’t have any uniforms (homeschooler here) but I never cared about fashion or how I looked until I was about twenty and I finally broke out of the jeans-and-tees security blanket to wear what I REALLY wanted to wear (girly stuff!).

    I’m so excited to have you join the group!


  2. We’re excited to have you here! I may not have had a “uniform” (actual or de facto) like you did, but it has definitely been a process for me as well to find my style (heck, I still feel like I am finding it). But it’s a fun journey!


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