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While you’re reading our blog, we’re doing some reading of our own. Want to know what’s on our radar this week? Of course you do! Here’s some of our favorite posts that just might become your new favorites!


Ups & Downs of Fashion Blogging
I never realized how weird fashion blogging was until I found myself agreeing with like everything in this post by Haley of Colour Me Classic. Definitely a good read for fellow bloggers and those wondering what goes on behind the scenes.

Alternate Places To Donate Your Clothes
How did I not think of this sooner? Donating to thrift stores are my go-to but I’m thankful to find this post from Hey Just Jei with some great alternatives. Read this before your next closet purge!

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Wear To Where Series: Office Attire
Jen at Fashionably Employed is doing an awesome giveaway to inspire people to make their own clothes! Plus I love the “office style” look she’s showcasing here.
How to Wear Vintage without Looking Like You Stepped Out a Time Machine
I go back and forth on the whole idea of “making vintage clothing look contemporary,” but let’s be real, Patrice of Looking Fly on a Dime is just straight up making vintage look GOOD in this post, and I’m all about fresh takes on how to style things.
Long Wool Skirt Season
Long A-line skirt plus button-down is definitely on my “to-try” outfit list after seeing Kasmira’s recent post.


I’m a Thriftaholic Directory
The Thriftaholics Directory is AWESOME for finding fellow thrifty bloggers, and I’m constantly combing through for new friends to follow! With over 600 blogs currently linked there, there’s never a shortage of new reading material!

Paper Mothball Vintage
Laura Okita has long been one of my favorite blogs; her photographs are just dreamy and her on-point vintage looks are like none other! She’s a constant inspiration for me to do more with my photography, style, and getting that perfect vintage look!


Insomniac Sale Picks: Warm Colorul Wool Coats
Sally’s Insomniac Sale Picks never fail to get me in the shopping mood, and her picks for warm colorful wool coats this week is no exception. Tis the season for cozy and chic outerwear!

Liz is showing off not one, but two ridiculously stylish ways to wear an adorable Christmas jumper from up and coming plus size retailer Yours Clothing. Seriously, nothing says ‘holidays’ like an #Elfie sweater!

links-we-loveThanks for browsing our links! Now we want to know – what have you been reading lately? Share it with us in the comments below.



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  1. Thank you for including my alternative places to donate used clothing post!! I appreciate it the support with all my heart.
    It’s important to know who else needs your donations, but don’t turn your back completely on thrift stores. They still do some good too :)
    All the best to you lovely ladies!


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