15 Things You Can Thrift To Step Up Your Thanksgiving Style

Thrift For ThanksgivingWait, you mean to tell me there’s other things to worry about besides cooking food and stuffing your face and being thankful on Thanksgiving? Well, if you plan on wearing anything other than pjs or sweats, then yes. Not only will you be aggravated that you burned the green bean casserole, you’ll be in a rushed, last minute style crisis! So, I compiled a list of 15 things you can thrift to step up your Thanksgiving style (without breaking the bank)!
1. Poncho
It’s poncho/cape/blanket wrap season again! I don’t know about you, but where I live these things are possibly one of the easiest items to thrift. Tip: Keep it unique by looking for a hand crocheted/knitted poncho. Somewhere out there, a sweet grandma made that poncho in her spare time with love and warmth. Appreciate the beauty of it!
2. Scarf
Whether it be blanket, infinity, crochet, printed, plain, you name it, the possibilities are endless! Tip: Look for the huge comfy sweaters and belt it up. Once you’ve overstuffed your belly, unbelt it for a more comfortable feel, without losing style!
3. Wool Skirt
Not only are wool skirts chic, they are totally awesome at keeping you warm! Tip: Pair with tights, heels, plus a warm hued top and you have the epitome of feminine!
4. Festive Brooch
I have been on a brooch binge here lately, meaning I’ve bought probably 10 or more within the last few months. Now is the best time to find festive ones – extra bonus points if you find a cornucopia or a turkey! :P Tip: Make sure to check the locking clasps and that it is securely attached to the back of the brooch still. Don’t want that baby to fall off in your dinner plate!
5. Trench Coat
GoodWill tends to be overflowing with these, so make sure you don’t skip this section! Tip: DON’T dig around in the pockets.. unless you want to find a few old wadded (most likely used) handkerchiefs and or mystery napkins.. and other gross items. *Gag*
6. Beanie
Crochet beanies are also another easy find in a thrift store, plus they’re always trendy! Tip: Try looking amongst the *randoms* bins or bins located near socks/scarves. Also, take a tiny can of Lysol with you and *drench* that thing in it before you put it on your head to try it on. Just sayin’.
7. Anything plaid
Yep, this one explains itself. You can literally find just about anything plaid in a thrift store. Tip: Trendy plaid items = scarves, ponchos, and tops. Not so trendy = shoes, purses, hats.
8. Necklace
Necklaces are beautiful on anyone at any age. Tip: Pay attention to the neckline of whatever top you plan on wearing for the day. Go by this chart to understand which necklace goes with which neckline.
9. Turtleneck
So warm and cozy, turtlenecks are one of the best cold weather layers. Tip: Pair it with a vest and a scarf, or if it’s not as chilly in your area, wear it plain with a long, gorgeous necklace to spice it up.
10. Festive Clutch
Being with family or going to a dinner party with friends, clutches are the perfect lightweight accessory! Tip: Look for clutches with unusual patterns, shapes, or embellishments. Something unique and eye-catching is always an easy conversation starter!
11. Belt
Belts on Thanksgiving?! That must be a joke, right? Nope! You can wear a belt all you want until the food gets going. Once you’ve stuffed your little belly, pull it off or loosen it up. Simple as that. Tip: Look for leather or woven belts. They are rustic and give outfits more of a autumnal essence.
12. Sweater
Cozy, comfortable, and simply chic, sweaters will always be my favorite. Tip: Look for loose and long- drapey sweaters are gorgeous layered up or worn simply.
13. Earrings
I love thrifting jewelry, especially earrings! Find something festive or colorful to brighten up your face. Tip: If they are pierced, place the earrings in a cup of 1tsp 70%-90% rubbing alcohol + 1/3 cup boiling water to kill bacteria and germs.
14. Utility Vest (aka military/cargo)
These vests are not only chic, but super handy! Tip: Look for one that has a bunch of pockets. This way if you’re not a purse or clutch person, you’ll have plenty of space to stash your phone, keys, & other goodies close to you without the extra baggage.
15. Cardigan
Classic for all time, the cardigan. The possibilities are literally endless, so have fun with this one!
I hope you enjoyed this list and you get good use out of it! Now get your little turkey butt out there and show your family some Thanksgiving style! <3 Lyndsey

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