Three easy costumes you can create from your closet

Have you ever been invited to a last-minute costume party, or simply wanted to wear something that was a bit more subtle than your average costume? Character-inspired, but not full-out cartoon, so to speak? Well then, this post is for you! I have always loved dressing up in costume, from the time I was little. And as I grew older, it turned into creating outfits that don’t necessarily scream “costume!” while still referencing some of my favorite things. So today I thought I would share three different outfits that are easily created from your closet (or thrifted on the fly) that can be worn in everyday life and translate as a costume for that last-minute party that someone forgot to tell you about. ;) Enjoy!


One: Retro/Femme Doctor Who (Tenth Doctor)

I’ll be the first to admit this isn’t perfect, but perfection is not really the goal here. Throw on a pair of suspenders, a bow-tie, and some good lace-up oxfords and you can easily transform yourself from everyday to Doctor just like that! I chose a brown circle skirt and yellow tights to follow the tenth Doctor’s overall color scheme, and then threw on a gray tee because… to be honest, that’s all I have. Add some cool voluminous hair, and voila! Pinup Doctor Who. Of sorts.

3 4 Doctor Who

Skirt and shoes, thrifted | bow-tie and suspenders, husband’s | tights, Target | glasses, c/o Firmoo


Two: Wednesday Addams

This one is probably the easiest to recreate: a black shift dress, a lacy collar, and a general sullen attitude will get you pretty far in mimicking Wednesday Addams. Plus, the hair is easy, and you can wear really comfortable shoes. I didn’t have Mary Janes, but my black oxford pumps worked in a pinch!

7 8

Dress and shoes, thrifted | tights, Target


Three: Minnie Mouse

The moment I bought this skirt and showed it to my husband, he remarked “what are you, Minnie Mouse?” and it was then that I knew I’d be this famous mouse for a Halloween costume idea. And since all you need is a black shirt and a red bow to efficiently complete a Minnie Mouse costume, I was set to go! Two mini-buns mimic mouse-ears and keep it from going too far into costume territory. I would 100% wear this outfit in everyday life!

While pulling items from my closet and referencing a few Minnie pictures, I realized that the older versions of Minnie wear yellow shoes – am I just blind, or did anyone else not know that? And I’ll let you in on a secret: my bow is actually a handkerchief.

11 Minnie Mouse

Shirt, bow, and skirt, thrifted | shoes, Modcloth | glasses, c/o Firmoo

So what about you? I hope this post has helped you look at your closet differently, and given you a few quick ideas for when you need a costume in a pinch!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I love them all, so creative!! My daughter is 16 and has been putting together some thrifted Halloween costumes for the last 2 years, it really saves money!!


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