Chambray shirt dress – and a redesign! | Emily

Happy Monday! We’re excited to unveil our redesigned look today, which is courtesy of Lyndsey. Didn’t she do a wonderful job?

Shaped by Style | Chambray shirt dress

I’m doing a “reverse swap” of sorts today, styling this chambray shirt dress that Rebecca had styled earlier. I’ve worn this in the past in a very casual, boho sort of way, and Rebecca went more edgy and glam with her look, so I wanted to do something a bit different than either of those.

Shaped by Style | Chambray dress

I guess “preppy” would be the best description for this look, although that word still evokes bad memories from junior high school for me! But I have grown to appreciate more clean, uncluttered looks like this one. I just recently thrifted these suede LL Bean flats, and I’m in love with them! And although I did feel slightly like a stewardess/Scout leader with my scarf tied this way, I also loved how it added a pop of color to the dress without completely overwhelming it.

Shaped by Style | Chambray shirt dress

Just like this lovely blog, I am feeling a bit “redesigned” lately too — I got bored last week and cut myself bangs. This was possibly a mistake, but I’m trying to just have fun with them. I am trying to grow out my hair, so if anyone has suggestions about how to get past the dreaded not-quite-shoulder-length stage in style, please let me know!

Shaped by Style | Chambray shirt dress

How they wore it

Rebecca chambray dress

What’s your favorite way to wear chambray? I could use suggestions, I have two more chambray dresses in my closet!

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3 thoughts on “Chambray shirt dress – and a redesign! | Emily

  1. You look totally gorgeous, Emily! Normally when I cut my own bangs it looks like a hack job and I cry forever and wear a hat over it. I love how you restyled that denim dress again and did your own twist on it!
    Lyndsey of


  2. I love this outfit, and I love your new bangs! They are perfect choppy baby bangs, and they definitely suit you. :) When growing out my hair (from ear length to mid-back length) I made the mistake of thinning it out (i have very thick hair) and straightening it, so the very ends were all sparse and sat flat on my shoulders, looking a bit icky.) I cut my hair into a pixie cut recently, but before t hat I had an in-between long bob. I pin-curled my hair a lot, so it’d sit loosely at chin length, which helped me battle the in-between stage. I see that your hair is/might be naturally curly, but even if you wound up each curl and pinned it flat to your head while it’s wet, you could let it out once it has dried and you’d have a just-above shoulder length style, which might just help that pesky shouldery stage. And that way, you can still wear it out, and not have to put your hair up all the time. :)


  3. The redesign is beautiful! That logo is eye catching and quirky! I really like it!
    Emily, I think your bangs look great. My hair is also in a strange growing out phase (for about a year I had the top of my hair long and the sides shaved completely off, so it is all different lengths). I do a lot of pinning back the sides and the half-bun style actually works pretty well. Good luck!


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