Cherry Print Dress with Stripes and 90s Nostalgia | Emily x Kristina

One of my favorite pastimes when I was in junior high was speculating and imagining what I would be like when I grew older. I used to write letters to my older self on my birthday (to be opened a year later), filled with questions and suppositions (confession, I totally stole that idea from a book but I can’t remember which one).

Cherry print dress | Shaped by Style

I also used to draw pictures of how I imagined I would look one, two, five, 10 years into the future. My hair was always longer (and awesome-looking), I always had a better figure and, of course, I had a killer wardrobe.

Cherry print dress | Shaped by Style

Something about this look got me thinking about how my teenage self — who totally would have rocked this outfit, by the way, substituting Doc Martens for these booties — would view my style today. Goodness knows a lot has changed; I’ve got a much better sense of the silhouettes that I prefer, and I’ve learned to differentiate between clothes that I like on the hanger, and clothes that I like on my body. (That one is still a struggle sometimes!)

Cherry print dress | Shaped by Style

But I also think in some ways, I’ve become more conservative. I can see my 16-year-old self, with her ripped fishnets, turquoise hair, sparkly purple lipstick and 70s platform shoes sneering at my polo shirts, khakis and white loafers. But I think she would approve of this outfit — the mix of prints, the moody palette and the mix of feminine and edgy.

Cherry print dress | Shaped by Style

I often have to remind myself that taking a fashion “risk” is really very little of a risk at all. Sure, you might get some odd looks or people might raise an eyebrow — but, so what? If I could handle that when I was 16 (and, you better believe there were plenty of raised eyebrows), I surely should be able to handle it as a grown woman!

Cherry print dress | Shaped by Style

How they wore it

Cherry print dress collage

Thanks, Kristina, for letting me borrow this adorable cherry-print dress and get all nostalgic!

Emily | Bread and Roses Vintage


4 thoughts on “Cherry Print Dress with Stripes and 90s Nostalgia | Emily x Kristina

  1. Love it! I think it’s cool that the 90’s are back. Hadn’t worn a flannel or sweater around my waist since I was in elementary. Now it’s all the rage.


  2. This outfit is all kinds of awesome! I love anytime some prints get mixed and the addition of the scarf just makes it that much better.

    I didn’t know you when you were young but I’d say you turned out to be a really great person. Any 16 year old would be dumb to think you look anything less than cool right now.

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater


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