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Recently I have been searching for some new blogs to read. After typing “fashion blogs” into Google (yes, I know, not that creative) and being a little let down by the results I figured why not ask the experts?

So I reached out to the Shaped by Style members and asked what their current favorite fashion & lifestyle blogs are. And you know what- I love the recommendations- these blogs are full of creativity, wit, grace & style!

Here is who we are checking out online:

Kristina from Eccentric Owl on her favorite blogs:
The Dressed Aesthetic – I first started following Kara on Instagram and her style was, for me, instant love! She has the most amazing vintage wardrobe I’ve ever seen, but then she’s a marine biologist and I LOVE reading blogs where women prove that you can be every bit as stylish as you are smart! Plus, she makes some of what she wears, which is always inspiring to me!

Pineneedle Collective – another stylish, science-loving blogger (studying a bachelor of science) and funny enough, also from Australia like Kara! I adore her body-positiveness as well as her overall aesthetic and the fact that she makes and thrifts a lot of what she wears! Her make/thrift/buy videos are the best!

Miss Amy May – yet another person I found via Instagram. This woman has gorgeous vintage dresses (seeing a theme yet?) and has blogged about wearing wiggle dresses as a woman with a “squidgy tummy” and being okay with that. Which I love. She’s still a newer blog to my reading, but I just love her already!

Emily from Bread and Roses Vintage says:
A Cup of Jo– Lifestyle blogging done right. Joanna Goddard’s personality and viewpoint shine through in each post, whether she’s talking about fashion, marriage, parenting, makeup, travel, home decor or any number of other things. Her “Motherhood Around the World” series is FANTASTIC!

The Freelancers Fashionblog– I absolutely love not only Ulrike’s personal style, but also the mishmash of post topics (food, parenting, fashion, sewing, farm life and her life as a burlesque showgirl) and, most of all, the little window into another culture (Finland) that it gives me.

What I Wore 2Day– I only recently discovered this blog, and I absolutely love personal style, her bold approach to work wear, and her vibrant and playful photos. I love seeing someone in my age cohort (i.e. older than her 20s) who’s doing the whole fashion blogging thing — and ROCKING it.

My (Rebecca from Three Things Great) regular reads:
A Beautiful Mess– This blog is run by two sisters with amazing style! Not only are they great at creating cute crafts & decorating they are legit business women who have taken blogging to a whole other level- yet they do it with sincerity.

The Dainty Squid– I like Kayla’s blog because it is nitty-girtty. She frequently photographs old run down buildings, trash, flora & fauna. She also does great round up style shopping posts where she shares her unique finds.

Thrift Me Pretty– So I actually have only been reading this blog for a few days although I’ve been following Stasia on Instagram for a little bit. But once I made the leap over to her blog it was instant love! Kind, courageous and creative are some words that come to mind.

Hannah from The Outfit Repeater says:
Style Tab– I’ve got the biggest girl crush on Style Tab! She’s a pro at styling silk shorts, a donut printed sweatshirt, and even an airy kimono. I would switch closets with her in a heartbeat!

Fancy Fine– The kooky style of Ashley Ording is a forever follow for me. I don’t even care if she posts inconsistently because her outfits are the best. Who else do you know that can effortlessly pull off a mustard yellow suede jumper, a vintage jacket that resembles carpet, or a ninja star necklace?

Thriftanista In The City is a girl after my own heart. She’s got colorful outfits, thrift hauls, and DIYs that are too awesome to pass up!

If you are looking for more great blogs to read be sure to check out these blogs- they come highly recommended! Be sure to bookmark these sites and if you haven’t bookmarked Shaped by Style already then do it now!

Who are your favorite bloggers? Also if you have a blog leave a link to it in the comments below- we love to getting to know our readers better!


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