harriet in orange | skye x emily



I feel unbearably, indubitably like Harriet the Spy (Harriet the Skye?) in this outfit. Which is ridiculous, since why would a spy wear such aggressive brights? Why would she dye her hair pink, for heaven’s sake? But something about it is just so structured and scholarly. I feel like I should be hiding in the bushes, scribbling furiously in my legal pad and snapping the occasional photo of a particularly interesting bird.

I paired Emily’s beautiful coat (check out how she wore it at the link) with this butterfly dress from 10th of December Vintage. It’s a fledgling shop based in Ohio – I was their second-ever customer, in fact! Anna’s got dresses and handmade jewelry at very reasonable prices – go check her out!

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3 thoughts on “harriet in orange | skye x emily

  1. I really loved how you said Harriet the Skye! Haha that’s too cute. I love how you paired the coat with that dress with yellow and tiny red details. gorg!!


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