Floral kimono + sequined tank | Emily x Hannah

One of the things I love best about this group is the opportunity to try out a trending style or look without making the commitment to add something to my wardrobe. Kristina did this recently with the hi-lo skirt she swapped with Lyndsey, and today I’m doing it with Hannah‘s floral kimono.

Shaped by Style floral kimono 1

But I’ll be honest — once I got the kimono from Hannah, I realized I had no idea how to style it. So I rolled up my sleeves, pulled everything out of my closet (not literally, but almost) and got to work.

Shaped by Style | Floral kimono

On my blog, I focus on how to style unusual pieces in work-appropriate ways. Whether it’s something casual or dressy, vintage or contemporary, or just plain funky, I like the challenge of working unexpected pieces into my professional wardrobe. So that’s the approach I took here, too. But when I thought about styling this kimono, the only things that came to mind were flower crowns and cut-off shorts — neither of which seemed work-appropriate, even for my boundary-pushing self.

Shaped by Style | Floral kimono 3

Shaped by Style | Floral kimono 4

I wound up pairing the kimono with another piece I have been wanting to style: a vintage sequined black tank top borrowed from my Etsy shop. I tend to put together outfits like this: shooting for “glamorous” but winding up dangerously close to Mike Myers’ “Coffee Talk” character from Saturday Night Live. But as I have been saying, I am a magpie, so bring on the glitz. I didn’t even realize until after I put this post together that Hannah had styled it in a similar way, as you’ll see at the end of this post.

Shaped by Style | Floral kimono top 5

After struggling to find something that worked with the warm tones of the kimono’s floral print, I settled on a pair of peach jeggings, which have turned out to be a surprising wardrobe staple. Seriously, when my friend brought them back to me as part of an epic bag-sale haul (this is true friendship, people: someone who goes to rummage sales on your behalf), I wasn’t sure if I would ever wear them at all. But then seem to go with everything, and have become one of my go-tos.

Shaped by Style | Floral kimono top 6

As challenging as it was to put together, I was happy with this look, and developed a newfound respect for the kimono. I always reach for SOMETHING to put over a top, and this is a nice in-between for when a sweater feels too frumpy and a jacket seems too stiff. I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for a good kimono on future thrift outings.

Shaped by Style | Sequined tank 5

Thanks to Hannah for sharing this cute top with me! I’m excited to see how my fellow swappers might style it in the future.Emily Signature


Kimono – Hannah’s | Tank top – vintage | Jeggings – Uniqlo (thrifted) | Booties – thrifted | Necklace – vintage

How they wore it

Shaped by Style | Floral kimono top Hannah


5 thoughts on “Floral kimono + sequined tank | Emily x Hannah

  1. You did an amazing job, Emily!! I really love how you styled it – especially with those amazing peach jeggings!! I definitely have to have it up for grabs next. I’ve loved that kimono ever since it first appeared on Hannah’s blog!


  2. You are workin’ this kimono! To me, the styling still seems different than what I did. I love that you thought to pair it with pink as it brings out the lighter colored flower. Good luck on your kimono hunt!

    -Hannah | The Outfit Repeater


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