White Lace Blouse and Chambray Summer Dress | Hannah x Rebecca

hannah-outfit-repeater-summer-chambray-lace-dress-02With so many different body types and personalities in this group, you never know what kind of clothes you’re going to come across.

This white blouse from Rebecca is a prime example because it happens to be maternity! So what do you do with a maternity top if, like me, you’ve never been pregnant?
hannah-outfit-repeater-summer-chambray-lace-dress-04 hannah-outfit-repeater-summer-chambray-lace-dress-06Strategic layering, of course! While I could have easily gotten away with wearing this top as-is and having no one be the wiser (unless the fashion police read this blog) I added it under a skimpy little summer dress to add some modesty and major cute points.

Worn on it’s own it would have looked rather bohemian, but I’m a fan of this layering because it allows me to show off my vintage loving side.
hannah-outfit-repeater-summer-chambray-lace-dress-11 hannah-outfit-repeater-summer-chambray-lace-dress-10Maybe I’ll borrow it again in the future and try a more laid back style, huh?

Be honest: Do you wear maternity clothes even if you’re a non-mom like me? Or do you shy away from clothes made for other body types? I, for one, am in favor of clothes from other sections of the store. Who’s nosy enough to check out my tag?!

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Blouse – Rebecca’s | Dress and flats, thrifted | Headband, Modcloth | Sunglasses, Amazon

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8 thoughts on “White Lace Blouse and Chambray Summer Dress | Hannah x Rebecca

  1. The strategic layering was a great idea! The eyelet print contrasts well with the polka dots on your dress. I shop all sections of the stores- including mens (hello REAL boyfriend jeans). I have an adventurous style and you just never know what you will find! The funny thing is, this top didn’t even fit me while I was not pregnant. I bought it before I got pregnant. It fit through the belly & hips just fine, but my shoulders were way too broad for the delicate eyelets and the 100% no stretch cotton. Just goes to show you how unique everyone’s body is.


  2. You get a pass since you DID take them in. That’s a little different than literally wearing out of shape jeans. I can’t blame you for lovin’ the comfort!


  3. I agree with you. My preference will always be mens sweater/cardigans over womens. They’re built so much cozier!


  4. My jeans are maternity and I was pregnant over two years ago! Oh wait. That’s shameful. :( Though I did take a take them in a good bit. But hey, what can I say…spandex around the waistline…it’s a good thing.

    (and also…nice outfit…love the headband)


  5. I’m a big fan of shopping every section of the store. My girlfriend buys most of her clothes from the men’s (or little boy’s ’cause she is teeny tiny) clothes section, so I end up buying lots of things from there too. Men’s sweaters are the best because they are actually warm.

    I am loving seeing how differently you all style these clothes. It’s great!


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